Kailey Flora / Daily Nexus

Kailey Flora / Daily Nexus

Isla Vista is unique in so many beautiful ways, but it’s particularly noticeable in nightlife fashion choices. What you wear to go out anywhere else is not what you want to wear to go out to I.V. Most seasoned Gauchos have learned these lessons the hard way, but even the most experienced partiers can learn from these useful tips for getting ready before your next rager. (Note: this advice is generally aimed at girls, but fashion knows no gender.)

Your “I.V. Shoes”

We’ll start with the essentials, from the bottom up. Your designated drinking shoes need to be durable, comfortable and devoid of personal value. That one pair of Converse in the back of your closet need to be the ones you reserve for your weekend shenanigans. When the weekend ends, try not to wear them to class on Monday, lest you bring the smell of spilt beer and regret with you.

Get your Insta shot in early

The only time you’re going to look good enough for social media is while you’re still sober (unless drunk candids are your thing, then don’t worry about it). Either document your #ootn before your first drink or risk only getting a bunch of pictures as blurry as your memories will be.

Basic =/= Bad

I.V. uniform: your choice of shorts or leggings, paired with a crop top or tank. It’s simple, always looks cute, but still stays comfortable. Depending on how cold out it is, you may or may not opt to cover your legs. And before you can cry “#basic,” remember that going back to the basics isn’t inherently a bad thing.

No rompers

This rule applies to anything that inhibits your peeing ability: onesies, bodysuits, dressy belts, etc. Whether you’re doing your business crowded into a frat bathroom with your friends or squatting in the bushes: you don’t want to be topless when this happens.

Leave precious outfits at home

If you just got the cutest new top, do you really want to break it in on DP? You might be tempted to show it off, but try to remember what you looked like after the last time you went raging, and imaging that new top or skirt looking as bad as you did. Keep this in mind when choosing accessories as well.

Invest in that primer/sealer/setting spray

Your best bet for keeping anything you put on your face there for the duration of the party is pre-makeup and post-makeup protection. Anything you can do to help the staying power of that eyeliner or lipstick is an important step to take, or else accept the fact that beauty is fleeting. Convince yourself that the natural/smudged look is what you were going for in the first place.

Don’t forget hair ties

Knowing how quickly any dance floor can become a sweaty and sticky situation, girls with long hair should come prepared. Plus, during your inevitable puke-and-rally, you can be a strong independent woman who doesn’t need anyone to hold her hair back! Feminism equals a puke-free ponytail. Beyoncé would be proud.


Jasmine Vaughn is a third-year communication major who never leaves the house without a hair tie or five.