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Raffi: Surfer, cyclist, and tattoo enthusiast.

Daily Nexus: If you could change one thing about the world what would you change?

Raffi: No Cops.

DN: Why?

Raffi: I hate ‘em. They just fuck with me.

Raffi: I’ve got a thousand tattoos … Look at this … Fuck U. That’s for the cops when I’m in Handcuffs.

Miki and Hooligan (Instagram: blopjop)

Miki and Hooligan (Instagram: @blopjop)

DN: Are you working on any projects?

Miki: Yes, I am actually. I’m starting a graphic novel called Better Away.

DN: What’s that about?

Miki: Well if I had to paraphrase, it is about a succubus who is summoned into a failing brothel. A succubus, they’re um, it’s a mythological creature that feeds off of sex. Basically it’s a story about how we can overcome a lot of things. I don’t want to give too much away ‘cause it’s  gonna be great I think, I hope.

maya longtin

Maya Longtin: first year psychology major at UCSB

DN: What’s your current obsession?

Longtin: Um, ok, so I’m from a pretty small town in Northern California, super rural, and we don’t have internet there. So now that I came here, I have internet and I just got Netflix for the first time a couple months ago and Netflix became my obsession.

DN: What was it like growing up without the internet?

Longtin: We had dial up, which is like when it’s connected to your phone so you, like, hit internet and it kind of like rings at you like the phone does. So super slow; we couldn’t watch any videos and we could only use it for homework and stuff just ‘cause it was so slow. Yeah, I didn’t really have that much screen time as a kid. I think it was good for me ‘cause I really love to read and I think that’s why. I could read books all day.

DN: Is there anything that you preferred about not being connected all the time?

Longtin:  Yeah, I mean it’s definitely like a lot more distracting to have, I don’t know, to be connected all the time. Like at home it’d be easy just to go home and do my homework and not have distractions, here I go back to my dorm and I’m like well my computer’s right here and on my computer I can watch YouTube, I can watch Netflix, I can skype my friends, I don’t know. It’s definitely a lot harder to get my stuff done.

chelsea stencel

Chelsea Stencel: third-year linguistics major

DN: What’s your favorite part of living in Isla Vista?

Stencel: Just like the location. Like we’re so close to the mountains and to the ocean and it just, like, every day, like, blows my mind. Sometimes it’s, like, overwhelming, like, all the people and, like, transportation around I.V. can suck because there’s people, like, driving and biking and everyone thinks they have the right of way but then, like, you realize, like, where you are and you’re, like, … this is like incredible. Like the mountains are right there and there’s incredible hiking and, like, backpacking trails, like, so close and then, like, also the ocean and that’s, like, the best.

DN: So do you hike a lot or backpack?

Stencel: I do, um, I’m actually planning on hiking the JMT this summer, which is, like, 25 days of backpacking.

DN: What are you most excited for?

Chelsea: Um, kind of just, like, that point where it’s, like, your body, like, hurts and you’re just, like, oh my god, like, why did I think this was gonna be fun, and, like, hiking through something … you’re just, like, oh my god, like, this is never ending, like, I just, like, really want, like, whatever it is the one thing you feel like you want. Then you just, like, see something that’s, like, so insanely beautiful that it just, like, it’s so worth it. It’s, like, magical out there.


Anonymous from Duke University

Anonymous: My mom is actually in jail. So in high school, like, I lived with her for a while but I was actually there when my house got raided and, like, they took her away and everything … It was kind of tough ‘cause she actually, like, has mild schizophrenia too, so, like, I can honestly say that she doesn’t really know what is seriously wrong and right sometimes but no one really else gets that. That’s one reason why I wanted to go to school far away because I wanted to, like, get out of California a little bit.

It’s kind of weird that I feel like being in a really, like, ordered system is actually a really good thing for her, so I feel bad saying this but I feel, like, her, like, sentence has been, like, super good for her … so I’m actually really kind of grateful for it in a really weird way.


All photos provided by Dakota Maxwell.