Lorenzo Basilio / Daily Nexus

Students and candidates waited in The Hub for election results Thursday evening. Lorenzo Basilio / Daily Nexus

The Nexus will be updating this page with live results from the Associated Students Election, which will be announced at The Hub in the UCen beginning at 6 p.m.

After an unexpected delay, the results were announced around 8 p.m. Check below for the full results.

President: Austin Hechler (Campus United)

Internal Vice President: Natalie Jordan (Write-In)

External Vice President of Statewide Affairs: Neha Nayak (Campus United)

External Vice President of Local Affairs: Ashcon Minoiefar (Campus United)

Student Advocate General: Josephine Ampaw (Independent)

Collegiate Senators


  1. Bryan “Bryan” Samayoe-Velasquez (Campus United)
  2. Lesly Silva (The Response)
  3. Unique Vance (The Response)
  4. Conor Collins (Peer Action Coalition)
  5. Kuvimbanashe “Eddy” Chikukwa (Peer Action Coalition)


  1. Reilly Hobson (Campus United)
  2. Jonathan “Jonathan Lopez” Lopez (The Response)
  3. Patrick Dohoney (Campus United)
  4. Steven Digy Stovall (Campus United)
  5. Ashley Selki (Campus United)
  6. Bianca Fernandez (Campus United)
  7. Aaron Hendizadeh (Campus United)
  8. Cole Marting (Campus United)
  9. Maria Hoang (The Response)
  10. Hannah Ellenhorn (Campus United)
  11. Batsheva Stoll (Campus United)
  12. Elias Jordan (Campus United)
  13. Jesse Velasquez (The Response)

College of Letters & Science:

  1. Tamar Barlev (Campus United)
  2. Alexander Giolito  (Campus United)
  3. Jasmine Sandhu  (Campus United)
  4. Marjan Abubo (The Response)

College of Engineering: 

  1. Matthew “Matt” Greenberg (Campus United)

College of Creative Studies: 

  1. Jordan “Robeman” Mitchell (The Response)

University-Owned Housing:

  1. Deanna Nguyen (Campus United)

Fee Reaffirmations:

  • Educational Opportunity Program — Reaffirmed
  • Isla Vista Arts — Reaffirmed
  • Finance Board — Reaffirmed
  • Food Bank — Reaffirmed
  • Queer Commission and LGBTQ  — Reaffirmed
  • Department of Public Worms Composting — Reaffirmed

New Fees:

  • United States Student Association — Passed
  • Associated Students Program Board — Passed
  • Food Bank — Passed

Correction: An initial version of this article listed Deanna Nguyen as an off-campus senator. She is a university-owned housing senator.

Correction: This article initially referred to Cole Marting from Campus United as Cole Hyatt from The Response.