Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Bernie Sanders with people on and off campus. I respect them. I comment not with any sense that I will change your mind. I comment just to encourage you to do what you are at college to do: open your minds. Hear and think about the best of ideas. On this subject of politics, do listen to the leftism of the Democrats but also listen, read and understand what you are rejecting when you reject the other side. 


In our schools today and in our media what you basically get is an avalanche and embrace of leftism. You just don’t hear the traditional values of America- the values that founded this country and made it great. I recommend you watch Prager University’s five-minute videos on government size, left/right differences, and the morality of capitalism. I have nothing to do with P.U. but it is one of the best sites to present the other side- the side essentially banned from our universities, the side you are rejecting These are the values that gave Bernie everything, that makes his life dignified. These are the values he and you, right now, reject.


 I was young once too. Most young people are attracted to leftism. I campaigned and voted for George McGovern. Passionate and idealistic, many young people are arrtacted to leftism. They are attracted because leftism is very alluring. It is utopianism- almost a heavenly kind of thing. “All will be pretty much free. We will just take from the greedy rich and distribute it to others and then everyone will have great healthcare, and free college, and a nice warm place to live, a good safe car, no polluting fossil fuels, and plenty of healthy food, good clothing and shelter.”  I know the idea too, “corporations are what are pulling us all down. If only we crush those 20 million dollar a year CEO’s, all will be well again.”


But I tell you, college is just the first tiny step into the world of knowledge, wisdom, experience and idealism. Most people when they leave college and get married, take care of a spouse and kid, start working, start experiencing and understanding the world around them change markedly.  I think they become better people. I think they grow up and become actually more idealistic and more compassionate but with mature ideals and compassion.  They come to understand true morality, maturity and love with American values- not leftist ones.


American values tell us lots and lots of liberty is at the core of our lives. Leftism is about taking and more taking of liberty. That money you have worked hard for is yours, not Bernie’s to give to others who deserve it more.


Americanism is about us living in a sea of liberty populated with small islands of government power. Leftism is the opposite. Bernie and his like are about seas of coercion and power populated with small islands of freedom and liberty. Bernie and his massive government’s, after reaching into your pockets and taking most of your property will then will tell you and I what schools to go to, what kind of healthcare to receive, what cars to drive, how to educate our kids, what type of energy to use, how to save for retirement, how much income is enough and what kind of light bulbs we can screw into our desk lamps.


But leftism and Bernie are alluring to us all. The child never leaves the core part of our souls. We all yearn to be taken care of from the day we are born to the day we die. But Americanism, American values help us grow up. They help us leave Eden and face the real beautiful and yes challenging adult world out there. Bernie has never really left that world of childhood. He is a kind, decent, well meaning man but stuck in childish fantasies. Good luck to you. I hope you leave college continuing to learn and experience. I wish you well. I hope you someday embrace Americanism as strong, tough, self-reliant and very free people.  I hope you reject someday the mean, coercive, freedom and maturity -crushing ideology of leftism. Life is complex and a challenge for all of us, those on the left and those of us who embrace American values.  Onward.