Vivian Bui / Daily Nexus

Vivian Bui / Daily Nexus

The Associated Students Finance and Business Committee (A.S. F&B) met Monday in the State Street Room of the UCen to discuss funding requests from 26 campus organizations.

The meeting began with $30,252.68 for the Office of Student Life, $0 for the Student Initiated Outreach Program, $1,364 for culture weeks and graduation, $20,480 for sports teams, $5,856 for academic teams and $5,565 for unallocated funds. A.S. F&B fully granted nine requests, partially granted 11 requests and tabled six requests.

Fully Granted

Group: Environmental Affairs Board
Requested: $70 for prizes in the sustainability campaign

Group: Gaming at UCSB
Requested: $2010 for Quarterly LAN Party

Group: Global Medical Brigade
Requested: $2528 for Honduras Mission Trip

Group: Transfer Student Alliance
Requested: $32.24 for reallocation of funds to Beer Pong with Cops
$32.24 reallocated.

Group: Alpha Kappa Psi
Requested: $300 for Coffee & Donuts Event

Group: Gamma Zeta Alpha
Requested: $876 for Talk Show Event.

Group: Kapatirang Pilipino
Requested: $400 for Winter Benefit Concert.

Group: Women in Senate
Requested: $80 for Women’s Senate Forum

Group: American Society of Mechanical Engineers-S.T.A.R.K.
Requested: $2098 for reallocation of funds
Approved, if receipts are provided.

Partially Granted

Group: Focus Media Journal
Requested: $3000 for their 36th volume in Spring Quarter
Partially Granted: $1500

Group: Roller Hockey
Requested: $7,750 for National Championships
Partially Granted: $3,000

Group: Art Club
Request: $2050 for honors art show & undergraduate end of the year art show
Partially Granted: $900

Request: $4430 for TED Talks
Partially Granted: $2000 allocated.

Group: History Graduate Student Association
Request: $1000 for 6th annual Islamic Studies Graduate Student Conference
Partially Granted: $500 allocated.

Group: Resource Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity
Requested: $2650 for graduation ceremony
Partially Granted: $850 allocated.

Group: Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity
Requested: $4000 for 3rd annual fashion show
Partially Granted: $3000 allocated.

Group: Entrepreneurs Association
Requested: $2070 for The Startup Symposium
Partially Granted: $1100 allocated.

Group: Pilipino Grad
Request: $1211.52 for Pilipino graduation
Partially Granted: $514 allocated.

Group: College Republicans
Request: $4000 for Ben Shapiro speaker honorarium
Partially Granted: $2000 allocated.

Group: Phi Iota Alpha
Requested: $5000 for Frankie J. honorarium.
Partially Granted: $1900 allocated.

Tabled Indefinitely

Group: SB Hacks
Requested: $27,000 for 2nd annual UCSB Hackathon

Group: Vietnamese Student Association
Request: $2100 for Vietnamese College Outreach Program

Group: Hermanas Unidas de UCSB
Request: $1163 for Student Initiated Outreach Program.

Group: Lambda Theta Nu
Request: $3893.39 for Leadership Conference.

Group: Society of Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science
Requested: $2946.3 for student outreach event.

Group: Office of the President
Requested: $835 for mental health training