Vivian Bui / Daily Nexus

Vivian Bui / Daily Nexus

The Associated Students Finance and Business Committee (A.S. F&B) met Monday in the State Street Room of the UCen to discuss funding requests from 16 campus organizations.

The meeting began with $10,146 in the Office of Student Life, $20,930 in the Student Initiated Outreach Program, $11,565 in culture weeks and graduation, $20,480 for sports teams, $5,760 for Academic teams and $6,240 in unallocated funds. A.S. F&B fully granted eight requests, partially granted seven requests and tabled one request.

Laughology requested $6,030 for events and shows throughout the Winter Quarter. A.S. F&B fully granted their request.

M.U.J.E.R. de UCSB requested $8,370 for their 21st annual conference, held every year except 2015 due to lack of funding. A.S. F&B fully funded the request.

“We aim to bring 150 girls from the local Santa Barbara High School to UCSB and give them workshops on gender empowerment, cultural empowerment and encourage them to reach a higher education,” a M.U.J.E.R. de UCSB representative said.

The Chinese Students and Scholars Association requested $6,801 for its annual Chinese New Year Celebration in Campbell Hall. A.S. F&B voted to grant $5,601 with the stipulation that the funds not be used for ads, decorations or DVD equipment.

The UCSB Multicultural Greek Council requested $1,200 for their annual Valentine’s Day social. A.S. F&B voted to grant them $1,150.

Anscombe Society requested and received $2,450 to host a debate on the consequences of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage.

The Ambience group at UCSB requested $3,424 for a “flow art” festival in February targeting the local college community and Isla Vista residents.

“This event will focus on bringing the community together through exploration of the arts, mainly flow arts,” Ambience president Giovanni Gorini said. “Flow art is a creative art form that involves skillful manipulation of props.”

A.S. F&B tabled the request indefinitely and requested Ambience develops a more thorough budget and plan for the event.

Circle K volunteer service group requested $500 to create care packages for the homeless residents in I.V. A.S. F&B voted to fully fund the project.

Dance Marathon at UCSB requested and was granted $4,690 for their third annual Marathon at Pavilion Gym to raise money for the Cottage Children’s Medical Center.

“Dancing at Dance Marathon is dancing for the children that cannot dance so that they may have the opportunity to do so in the future,” executive director of Dance Marathon Lynn Padlipsky said.

The UCSB Ethics Bowl team was granted $1,408 of their requested $1,863 for their trip to the regional Ethics Bowl tournament. This year marks the first time the team has made it to the regional tournament.

The Associated Students of the Office of the President requested $675 for mental health peer training sessions. The sessions educate UCSB students in responding to mental health crises, such as anxiety and panic attacks. A.S. F&B voted to fully grant their request.

Eric Johnson, financial director of Pilipino Cultural Night, requested $12,183 to fund the 25th annual Pilipino Cultural Night production. A.S. F&B partially funded the group $7,765 for the event.

“Pilipino Cultural Night is the longest and largest student-run production on campus,” Johnson said. “It’s a cultural show that presents traditional Pilipino dances, songs and skits, and addresses various issues facing Filipino-Americans such as identity, racism, family and youth culture.”

Japanese Language Cafe requested $209 for their annual Setsubun festival, curry party and Karaoke party. A.S. F&B fully granted their request.

Writer’s Room requested $741 for their Word Farm event, an annual screenwriting workshop. A.S. F&B granted the group $700.

“At the event, we bring in real screenwriters from Hollywood. This year we have writers from ‘24,’ ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ ‘Smurfs,’ ‘Scooby Doo’ and much more,” Writer’s Room secretary Joe Arciega said

UCSB Khmer Student Association requested $1,900 for an annual retreat for students of Cambodian background. The event seeks to foster a sense of community among its members and promote Cambodian cultural awareness. A.S F&B voted to partially fund $700 for housing and food.

Coptic Club requested $400 for their Classical Arab Music and Chill event. The event will feature a musician specializing in the qanun, a traditional Arab stringed instrument. A.S. F&B full granted their request.

Vietnamese Student Union requested $207 for their annual Vietnamese Culture Week. A.S. F&B voted to fully fund the event.

“Our objective is to spread awareness of Vietnamese culture,” a representative of the group said. “We aim to give UCSB students the opportunity to not only celebrate the Lunar New Year, but also to learn more about Vietnamese holidays and traditions.”

The Actuarial Association of UCSB requested $500 for social events and workshops throughout the quarter. A.S. F&B granted the group $220 for beginner and intermediate Excel workshops.