Yik Yak is a cyber-community that shares the sexual, weird, funny or sometimes even lonely anonymous thoughts of those around you. Isla Vista is lucky in the fact that we have quite a lively community, which makes for even livelier Yik Yaks. However, there comes a time when we must go home and endure the same Yak that has all of three upvotes for a couple of weeks. There’s a good chance your hometown’s Yik Yak is as dead as your social life. Here are some prime examples of the differences between Isla Vista and, well, not Isla Vista Yik Yaks.

Yik Yaks in I.V.

  1. “Curves on women are nice. Curves on finals are better”
  2. “Do you ever just sit on a toilet and think, Jack Johnson might have been here years ago?”
  3. “Assert your dominance by asking your grandma if she’s eaten today”
  4. “Adderall got me studying for classes im not even in rn”
  5. “Can I cite “my ass” as the main source for my anthropology paper?”
  6. “Life Hack #1 Die to get out of your student loan debt.”
  7. “Imagine an alternate universe where a group of dogs swarm a human and rub the human’s belly to relieve stress”
  8. “Too busy to have a stable relationship but too horny to stay single”
  9. “School is so stressful right now, I honestly look forward to my next poop to get away from it for even a little.”
  10. “How many lightbulbs does it take to change people”
  11. “Sometimes my boyfriend talks to his shirts and tells them whether or not he’s to wear them today”
  12. “Tinder should be called ebae”
  13. “And most of all I’m praying God don’t let me bust quick”
  14. “Real question … can I watch porn with dorm wifi or nah”
  15. “I feel like doing what AlphaCheat did for all my finals”
  16. “Netflix and change my grade from a C to an A”

Yik Yaks at Home

  1. “Ass”
  2. “I want some fucking yams”
  3. “If you are going to wear sandals make sure you dont have fucken bunions”
  4. “Netflix and chill. Hulu and hook up? Blockbuster and butt stuff??”
  5. “Exercise is the most under-utilized antidepressent”
  6. “Just got home from the East coast for thanksgiving break. Now I’m laying in bed scratching my ass on a Saturday night.”
  7. “Finally broke my 16 day dry spell”
  8. “I want a dog so I can throw birthday parties for it”
  9. “when all your friends are talking about their life changing experiences at college and all you have to talk about is that duck u fed a cheeto last week.”
  10. “25 days until I can leave this god-forsaken hell hole for good.”
  11. “What is it like to wear a thong or a g-string? do they give you constant wedgies?”
  12. “I love being able to see Yaks from before I left in August still on the feed”
  13. “Zebras are our friends”
  14. “SNAIL FACT OF THE DAY: Snails love beer and can get drunk.”
  15. “SWãG šWōöp Ÿęėt in my pants”
  16. “Home for the holidays, hope she lets me stuff her *turkey emoji* like in high school”