Last week (Nov. 9-16), law enforcement units in Isla Vista responded to a case of domestic violence, two fights, a cliff fall and two break-ins.

On Tuesday, law enforcement units responded to a call on domestic violence on the 6500 block of Cervantes Rd. The reporting party said the suspect struck her husband, although there are no visible injuries. The suspect had been drinking and was arrested and booked into Santa Barbara County Jail (SBCJ).

On Wednesday, law enforcement officials arrived at a party on the corner of Camino Pescadero and Trigo Rd. after hearing reports of a fight. A couple, both UCSB students, had gotten into an argument that led to them throwing their drinks at each other. The suspect, the boyfriend, reportedly struck the victim three times in the chest. While there were no visible injuries on either party, the suspect was arrested for domestic battery and booked into SBCJ

Also on Wednesday, law enforcement officers responded to a student who had fallen off a cliff at the corner of Camino Majorca and Del Playa. The victim, a 20-year-old male UC Santa Barbara student, was found conscious and breathing and was transported to the hospital. The victim survived his injuries. A friend of the victim told deputies the victim has taken LSD for the first time and was acting strangely. The friend said she had struggled to keep the victim from falling from the cliff before he broke away and jumped with his arms out, landing on his chest and head before turning over and lying on the beach.

On Saturday, two subjects were allegedly arguing in the middle of Anisq’Oyo’ Park about a chess match they had played earlier. The two became engaged in a minor physical confrontation, and the suspect smashed the victim’s Bluetooth speaker on the ground. The victim pressed charges for vandalism.

Also on Saturday, law enforcement responded to a report of a fight on the 6600 block of Sabado Tarde Rd. Upon their arrival, a suspect had already been detained by other law enforcement. An interview revealed the alleged suspect had been in a fight with the residents of the address and broken in. The suspect, a Santa Barbara City College student, then punched one of the residents, prompting the victims’ roommates to aid him. They then pushed the suspect out of the apartment and called police for assistance. The victim made a citizen’s arrest on the suspect, who was charged with battery and trespassing before being booked into SBCJ.

On Sunday between 8 p.m. and 3 a.m., an unknown suspect entered a residence on the 6700 block of Sabado Tarde Rd. through an open bathroom window and stole three laptops. One of the victims was asleep when the theft occurred. Neighbors in the upstairs unit said two unidentified adult males had knocked on their window at about 9 p.m looking to buy weed. The break-in is still under investigation.