Vivian Bui/Daily Nexus

Vivian Bui/Daily Nexus

 The Associated Students Finance and Business Committee (A.S. F&B) met Monday in the UCen State Street room to consider 12 campus funding requests.

A.S. F&B began the meeting with $18,065 in Office of Student Life (OSL) funds, $6,390.26 in Senate Unallocated funds, $45,000 in Student Initiated Outreach Program funds, $28,000 in Culture Weeks and Graduations funds, $23,480 for sports teams and $15,369 for academic teams. A.S. F&B fully granted six requests, partially granted three requests, tabled one request and declined funding for two requests.

The Political Science Graduate Student Association in conjunction with Pi Sigma Alpha requested and was granted $2,000 to host a Speakers Series, which will take course over Winter and Spring Quarter.

President of Pi Sigma Alpha and fourth-year political science major Grant Stanton said the Speakers Series aims to educate undergraduate political science students about careers available after graduation.

“A lot of political science majors don’t know what to do after graduation besides academia,” Stanton said. “In this event, we’ll have speakers who’ll talk about careers in other fields using a political science degree.”

Reel Loud requested $16,672 to host their 25th Annual Reel Loud Film Festival on May 27. A.S. F&B voted to table the request for a week and requested a revised budget.

Delta Sigma Pi requested and was granted $500 to host their “Start-Up and Tech Con” taking place on Nov. 19.

Delta Sigma Pi Vice President of Professional Activities and second-year accounting and economics major Patrice del Mundo said the event will help connect students with start-up tech companies.

“We have a lot of students coming to our event and the event helps connect them for their future endeavors,” del Mundo said.

Destino requested $5,480 to send 10 members to the Destino Winter Conference in Orlando, Florida from Jan. 15 to Jan. 18. A.S. F&B partially funded $1,000 to cover registration fees in a 12-2-1 vote.

Vivian Bui/Daily Nexus

Vivian Bui/Daily Nexus

Destino representative and fourth-year art history major Yessenia Figueroa said the conference teaches members leadership skills while keeping ties in the Latino community.

“It’s a leadership conference and there will be leadership training,” Figueroa said. “Some of the workshops they have discuss how to be a leader while interacting with the Latino community.”

Queer Student Union (QSU) requested $566 in food costs for their Harvest Dinner. A.S. F&B funded QSU $499 in a 11-3-1 vote. The maximum funding allocated for food is $500, QSU declined to use their one-time exception for the event.

Transfer Student Alliance (TSA) requested $25 to host a Study Jam in the Santa Ynez Community Center on Nov. 30. A.S. F&B voted to fully fund their request.

Fourth-Year communication major Elysia Gamo said the event helps transfer students stay on track during finals.

“The event helps transfer students make sure they are on track because that’s the beginning of Dead Week and their first finals week at UCSB,” Gamo said.

International Student Association (ISA) requested $1,475 to host a Winter Welcome Back Event on Jan. 8. A.S. F&B partially funded the request with $1,024 because ISA had already used their one-time food exception earlier in the quarter.

Fourth-year actuarial science major Gary Wang said the event is important for new international students starting at UCSB in Winter Quarter.

“This is important because many international students will be starting Winter Quarter and this will be their first time at UCSB,” Wang said, “It gives them a place to interact with other students.”

Fair Art Collective requested $10,000 to fund bands and performances for their prom event on Feb. 14. The event is a contemporary dance for trans and queer students to experience the dance in the same way as straight students.

Marathon Runners requested $1,100 for registration fees for four members to run the Los Angeles Marathon.

Vivian Bui/Daily Nexus

Vivian Bui/Daily Nexus

A.S. F&B declined funding for both requests because OSL groups must be registered for the current and previous academic year to be eligible to receive funding from A.S. F&B.

Hermanas Unidas requested $2,500 to host Project Santa at Isla Vista Elementary. A.S. F&B voted to fully fund the request.

Hermanas Unidas representative and second-year English major Alondra Salazar said the event is a holiday event held for the students of I.V. Elementary School.

“Project Santa is an annual gift-giving event held at I.V. Elementary. The bulk of the money we’re requesting goes to purchasing gifts for the kids,” Salazar said, “The rest of the money goes to workshops where the kids can do activities like making snowflakes.”

EPIC Movement requested and was granted $5,000 to provide 27 scholarships for members to attend their 2020 West Coast EPIC Winter Conference.

EPIC Movement representative and third-year English major Brittany Choi said the organization focuses on Asian-Americans and Christianity.

“We’re an organization that focuses on giving all Asian-Americans a chance to connect with Jesus,” Choi said.

A.S. Senate requested and was granted $50 in a 10-0-6 vote to host Pizza for Isla Vista.

A.S. F&B also voted to allow funding information to be released to the UCSB Community Financial Fund (CFF Allocation), an A.S. financial assistance program for students.