Vivian Bui/Daily Nexus

Vivian Bui/Daily Nexus

The Associated Students Finance and Business Committee (A.S. F&B) met Monday in the UCen State Street room to consider 14 funding requests from various campus organizations.

The committee began its meeting with $26,121.92 in Office of Student Life (OSL) funds, $6,665 in Senate unallocated, $45,000 in Student Initiated Outreach Program, $28,565 in Culture Weeks and Graduations, $26,480 for sports teams and $17,164 for academic teams. A.S. F&B fully granted 10 requests, partially granted three requests and tabled one request.

Men’s Lacrosse requested $3,400 to make t-shirts for their annual “Faceoff Versus Leukemia Tournament” to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.

Men’s Lacrosse team captain Matt Herning said the event honors 2008 team member Stephan Meloy who passed away from leukemia by donating the fundraised money to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society in his name.

“We had a player on our 2004-2008 team named Stephan Meloy who passed away from leukemia so we donate the money every year in his name and his mother comes each year to support,” Herning said.

A.S. F&B voted to fully fund the event with the stipulation that Men’s Lacrosse use their one exception since A.S. F&B does not fund t-shirts.

Health & Wellness requested $3,762 to host their quarterly Free HIV testing day, which provides students with free HIV tests on campus.

A.S. F&B voted to fully fund their request.

The Political Science Graduate Student Association (PSGSA) requested $2,000 to host a Speaker’s Series. The event aims to provide information about political science graduate programs to undergraduate students. The event will be held in collaboration with Pi Sigma Alpha Delta, the undergraduate political science honors society.

PSGSA representative and political science Ph.D. candidate Andrew Johnson said the event aims to connect current undergraduate students interested in political science with current political science graduate students.

“I want to break down this barrier between graduate students and undergraduate students,” Johnson said. “We should be able to have conversations about political science outside of the classroom.”

A.S. F&B voted to table the request for a week with the stipulation PSGSA fill out an I-360 form.

UCSB Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) requested $283 to host scholars from China who will provide information about majors, internships, research opportunities and career paths.

CSSA representative and second-year economics and accounting major Xiaotong Diao said the event will help undergraduate students gain advice from Chinese scholars.

“Last year, we invited several scholars from China and they talked about finding careers and choosing majors, since many freshmen are confused about those things,” Diao said.

A.S. F&B voted to partially fund the request, which the stipulation that CSSA not use the funding for plastic water bottles.

Korean Campus Ministry (KCM) requested $7,000 to send 46 people to a KCM winter retreat introduced at last week’s meeting.

A.S. F&B voted to partially fund the request with $3,500 because only five members of the organization have confirmed their attendance at the conference.

Active Minds requested $323 to host a mental awareness event “Stigma Free UCSB” on Nov. 19.

Active Minds Representative and second-year psychology major Marisa Jones said Active Minds hopes to build on the success of last year’s event.

“We are a mental health organization focused on reducing the stigma around mental illness and changing the conversation on mental health,” Jones said. “We’re hosting an event called Stigma Free UCSB. We also had it last year and it was a big success.”

A.S. F&B voted to fully fund their request.

UCSB4Bernie requested $95 to hire two security guards for two hours for their second Democratic debate watching party on Nov. 14.

UCSB4Bernie representative and third-year religious studies major Eric Villalobos said the first event was successful in bringing multiple campus organizations together.

“The last Democratic Debate Watching event we had was a huge success,” Villalobos said. “We had Campus Republican show up as well as many progressive student groups like CALPIRG and System Change for Climate Change. Planned Parenthood and Generation Action were also there.”

A.S. F&B voted to fully fund their request.

Health & Wellness requested $11,500 to purchase a 24-hour vending machine for medication and sexual reproductive health products introduced at last week’s meeting.

Health & Wellness representative and third-year biology major Eyra Dordi said the machine would help provide contraception that students may find difficult to access.

“This weekend most of the pharmacies around here ran out of Plan B, and that actually happens quite frequently,” Dordi said. “Planned Parenthood is also quite far and inconvenient for students.”

A.S. F&B voted to fully fund the request in a 13-0-0 vote.

The Queer Commission (QCom) requested $10,824 to send 20 students to the National Creating Change Conference in Chicago.

QCom representative and fourth-year sociology and psychology double major Leah Hardenbrook said the event helps students understand LGBTQIA+ issues from the international viewpoint.

“The Creating Change Conference is for LGBTQIA+ folks and it’s held in a more international viewpoint,” Hardenbrook said. “There are many awesome LGBTQIA+ advocates there and it really highlights the international community.”

A.S. F&B voted to table the request until next week’s meeting.

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) requested $500 for the honorarium to invite Palestinian-American human rights activist Remi Kanazi to speak during Palestinian Culture Week.

SJP representative and second-year public policy and global studies double major Nawar Nemeh said the culture week is intended to educate students on Palestinian issues and culture.

“We seek to educate students on Palestinian culture, the status of Palestinians and essentially what Palestinians are going through on this campus. Part of that is our Palestinian Culture Week,” Nemeh said.

A.S. F&B voted to fully fund the event.

The Universty Center (UCen) requested $1,100 for their quarterly UStudy Program introduced at last week’s meeting.

A.S. F&B voted to partially fund the event $275 with the stipulation that the Recreation Center look into additional funding from University Center Governance Board.

UCSB Poet’s Club requested $400 to host a poetry slam night in The Hub. The event would be an extension of the bi-weekly Thursday slam poetry nights the club hosts in I.V.

UCSB Poet’s Club founder and fourth-year chemical engineering major Francis Cunningham said the event would give members an opportunity to perform their poetry in a more formal seating with a larger audience.

“We want to hold a larger, more formal event in The Hub,” Cunningham said. “The reason we want to do this is to allow more experienced or ambitious members to debut in front of a larger crowd.”

A.S. F&B voted to fully fund the request.

Indian Association of Santa Barbara (IASB) requested $3,500 to host a Diwali festival celebration on Nov. 14. Participants will be able to make lanterns and eat traditional Indian food.

A.S. F&B voted to fully fund the request with an 11-1-1 vote.

Wildlife Society requested $458 to host a Planet Earth screening event in I.V. Theater introduced at last week’s meeting. Wildlife Society requested additional funding from AfterDark.

A.S. F&B voted to fully fund the request.