*This story has been updated as of 11:30 AM 10/14/15 to exclude a segment describing the death of a UCSB student. The description of this incident can be found in an article titled “UCSB Student Andres Esteban Sanchez Passed Away Sunday Night” which will be viewable by midday 10/14. The choice to separate these articles stems from the need to properly recognize the severity and scope of the incident.

*This story has been updated as of 1:35 AM 10/14/15 to exclude a segment describing a possible sexual assault, as the case is still under investigation, according to IVFP.

Last week (Oct. 5-12) law enforcement units in Isla Vista encountered a driver under the influence of heroin and a suspect in possession of cocaine, marijuana and stolen wallets.

On the night of Monday, Oct. 5 officers approached a driver, later identified as Wayne Jordan, who was asleep at the wheel of his car. The car was in drive and running on Embarcadero Road headed towards Del Playa Road. Officers administered a DUI investigation and found the driver had a BAC of .01 percent, with a background check later revealing Jordan as a heroin addict. Jordan admitted to being under the influence of heroin, later confirmed through a urine sample. Deputies also located heroin paraphernalia in his vehicle. Jordan was arrested and booked into Santa Barbara County Jail and his vehicle was towed and stored with Loves Towing.

On Tuesday, Oct. 6, two I.V. Foot Patrol (IVFP) deputies were walking near Anisq’ Oyo’ Park and recognized Say’Qwaun Ford, a suspect whom they had seen in recent warrant status. He was detained for a records check and with Ford’s consent, deputies searched his backpack. A small pouch of marijuana, a small amount of cocaine and a stolen wallet with multiple items belonging to different people were found. Ford said he found the wallet on the kitchen floor of a party he attended the night before and did not know how the cocaine ended up in his bag, but anticipated his fingerprints would most likely be on it. He admitted to owning the marijuana. Ford, who had a previous history of providing a false identity and burglary, was arrested for theft and possession of illegal substances.

On the night of Friday, Oct. 9, at approximately 12:46 a.m., law enforcement officers attempted to stop and detain a male suspect on suspicion of an alcohol possession violation. The suspect fled from the officers, drawing attention from other law enforcement officials in the area who ran to assist. One of the assisting officers collided with the suspect, causing him to slam into a parked car and slide to the pavement. Deputies then converged on the suspect as medical assistance made its way to the scene. Upon arrival, paramedics treated the suspect then took him to the hospital for further evaluation. The suspect fractured his left wrist and had several abrasions on his head, hands and knees. UCPD initiated a Use of Force review as a UCPD officer made contact with the suspect.

Also on Friday night, an IVFP deputy witnessed a suspect, later identified as Dustin Anthony, strike a male victim in the head with a closed fist in the middle of Del Playa Road. The victim lost consciousness and hit his head on the concrete, causing him to seize and urinate in his pants. The victim was taken to the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital emergency room and Anthony was arrested at the scene and taken to Santa Barbara County Jail.

On Saturday, two male students were seen in broad daylight streaking around their residence at 6549 Cervantes. According to the students, they had lost a bet and had to run around the block naked. Two UCPD officers contacted the subjects and issued them citations for public nudity. Clothes were brought to the suspects by each of their parties while tickets were being issued.