On Tuesday, Sept. 22, The Daily Nexus, along with KCSB, hosted the first annual Welcome to Paradise Carnival. Woodstocks provided some dank pizza while FMLYBND gave a stellar show, regardless of their monitors not working. On top of that, there were caricatures, henna, popcorn, cotton candy, a bungee run and a photo booth. Now look at these pictures taken by some dude named Lorenzo.

Paradise Carnival-39

Paradise Carnival-1

Paradise Carnival-4

Paradise Carnival-6

Paradise Carnival-17

Paradise Carnival-10

Paradise Carnival-18

Paradise Carnival-43

Paradise Carnival-29

Paradise Carnival-12

Paradise Carnival-8

Paradise Carnival-24

Paradise Carnival-42

Paradise Carnival-25

Paradise Carnival-21

Paradise Carnival-26

Paradise Carnival-35

Paradise Carnival-31

Paradise Carnival-22


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