Being away at college means that you miss a lot of family gossip and events. Sometimes you forget that life moves on without you. Teenage family friends have babies, stepsisters get engaged and grandparents go on month-long tours of Asia …and you don’t find out about any of it until much later. Then there are things like birthdays, graduations and Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day: the one very important day of the year when you say thank you to your mom for all that she has ever done for you. However, many students are stuck at school with school and work obligations, and may not be able to spend quality time with the special lady. In that case, here are some pros and cons about missing this very significant Hallmark holiday.


1.) Pro: You don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to make her breakfast in bed. That also means that this year, your mom won’t have to worry about why it smells like the kitchen is on fire … or what that strange goop on the ceiling is.

Con: You don’t get to snuggle up and pick food off of her plate. There’s nothing quite like eating food that isn’t yours.



2.) Pro: You don’t have to go to a fancy brunch with all of your relatives and watch your grandma get drunk off of two mimosas as she asks why you don’t have a significant other yet.

Con: No fancy brunch with your family. What self-respecting college student passes up free food?


3.) Pro: You’ve been so busy lately that she’ll be happy to get a phone call from you. There’s something to be said for lowered expectations.

Con: Be ready for multiple guilt trips about missing this very special day, and subsequent promises to make it up to her the next time you come home.



4.) Pro: You don’t need to come up with another original way to say “Happy Mother’s Day” through a handmade card. Somehow, crayons and stickers don’t cut it anymore.

Con: Let’s face it, making cards can be kind of fun, especially when your mom doesn’t really care what it looks like.



5.) Pro: You save money on flowers and Mother’s Day gifts (added bonus of only having to come up with good presents for Christmas and her birthday).

Con: You miss out on seeing how happy those things make her.

Really though, moms are the best. They bring you towels when you forget them.They put up with your middle school years.They tucked you in at night and made sure to scare away all the monsters. They gave birth to you for goodness sake! Therefore, call your mom and tell her you love her; this simple act alone can brighten up her whole day.