Dear Police Chief Dustin,

I believe your personal actions surrounding Deltopia were unethical and illegal. While the events of 2009 may have been a bit chaotic, and possibly unsanitary, closing the beaches and berating UCSB students is NOT the answer.

An appropriate response would be to increase police presence, ensure safety of all Gauchos and others and of course prevent minors from alcoholic intake but NOT overtake and control Isla Vista as if were a war zone.

When you take extreme measures like closing beach access; students get riled up and there will be police animosity (as if you don’t have enough of that, #Ferguson). As a tolerant individual myself, I already am in a fit over my forfeiture of my civil liberties on this day not to mention the added negative connotations you’ve put on this city’s youth.

As a former UCSB student and now a staff member at UCSB, I’m very disappointed in how this is handled from the Police Chief, yourself, to the rest of Santa Barbara city council.

I’m truly disappointed a cohort of intelligent adults/leaders in the community could not come up with a solution besides total takeover of Isla Vista.

Disappointed Citizen,

David P.
UCSB c/o 2010