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If you have been reading the latest issues of Vogue or W, or have been following the recent images on street-style blogs such as Streetpepper and The Sartorialist, you may be familiar with the new fashion term “normcore.” Not only does normcore define a new range of fashion trends, it is a new way to dress and is making a splash in the fashion industry.

As you may have guessed, normcore refers to the easy, relaxed and normal way of dressing. It is the idea that simple, comfortable pieces of clothing can make one look effortless, yet completely in-style. Yes, that’s right! One can look still look chic wearing loose sweats and athletic sneakers as much as a pair of skinny jeans and ankle boots.

To further explain the styles of normcore, here is a list of items that can make you feel trendy while still maintaining the effortlessness of “I just woke up like this.”


  1. Birkenstocks

This sensible footwear gets traced back to the 18th century when German Johann Adam Birkenstock and his family developed sandals with comfortable insoles to relieve foot pain. The shoes were then discovered by American Margot Fraser who founded the company in 1967. The most famously known Birkenstock style is the Panama, a two-belt-strap sandal made in various materials such as suede and leather. Previously deemed unfashionable by the designer community, this style of shoe is now championed by celebrities and fashion designers alike. Phoebe Philo, the creative director of Celine, sent down her own version of the slippers in Celine’s 2013 runway line.


  1. Long Coats

One can take a fashion risk by putting on a long beautiful coat to combat the winter weather. Even though we live in the ever-sunny Santa Barbara, long coats don’t have be thick, wool blankets. Soft, light-weight, cotton materials add a nice warmth to the cool SB nights. Long coats add proportion and an air of mysteriousness to a look, seducing the sexy detective out of everyone.


  1. Athletic Trainers

New Balance is changing peoples’ opinions with the resurrection of their famous classic lifestyle shoes, also known as trainers. A pair of trainers add urban aesthetics to a put-together outfit. These shoes are best worn with a nice pair of denims and crisp white t-shirt.


  1. Baggy Sweaters

Sweaters, or as the British call them, “jumpers,” are great knitwear that are both fashionable and functional. Especially in a cool climate, sweaters provide warmth and comfort. For the most part, sweaters are designed with many patterns — argyle, stripes and even funny sayings. However, with an especially baggy sweater, one can enjoy the spacious feel yet still have the delight of being well-put-together. Plus, the excess material often makes one look smaller than one really is.


  1. Jogging Sweats

Nowadays, sweats are made with such precise cuts and styles that can make one look modern without the instant image of exercising or couch potatoes. Jogging sweats now have a slim fit for both men and women in their tapered styles from the waist to the ankles. These comfy pants are the representations of easy effort and perfect fit. They can be worn as lounge pants and also as quick errand staples.


  1. Flannel Shirts

Finally, the ever-famous flannel shirts have been the college-student essential for ages. While these chemises are seen as basic clothing, they are not lacking when it comes to cool patterns and designs. That’s why many adults and adolescents have come to love and appreciate their “favorite” flannel. Be honest, everybody has one! Plus, flannels go with everything! The flannel shirt is an important buy for anyone who’s going for edgy, cool and preppy at the same time.


To get the perfect normcore look, one must style his or her outfits with these pieces TOGETHER … because when only one item is being worn, then the look is not considered normcore!


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