After somehow finding the motivation to get to that awful 8 a.m., nothing is more emotionally painful than being annoyed by the plethora of students that violate basic rules of lecture etiquette.

1. Sitting in the end seat



It’s pretty easy to move to the middle of a row if you get to class early, unless you really enjoy having people crawling over you and your backpack to get to that one open seat in the middle. Not to mention the great ass/crotch shots on their way there. Have a heart, people!

2. Placing your a huge laptop at the edge of a desk

This is extremely inconvenient when the seated becomes unable to lean back in his or her own seat.

3. Hair flipping

I’m sure we can all appreciate your luscious long locks, girl in front of me, but when you flip your hair and it hits my face, I hope you know I am imaging many different scenarios of me pulling it all out.

4. Arm rest stealing


Each student gets only one arm rest. Think about that next time you start inching your elbow toward your neighbor’s arm rest.

5. Eating loud food


Whether it’s chips, celery, cheese-its or nuts, there’s a crunch. Plus the terrible bag rustling? Nope.

6. Wild pen-clicking

pulling hair

Every person who does this needs to get a stress ball instead, ASAP.

7. “Whispering”


There is a difference between whispering and “whispering.” Listening to you half-yell about how wasted you were last weekend isn’t how I want to spend my valuable lecture time. Please shut up.