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Looking to get weird this weekend? Look no further. This Saturday at the Shrine Auditorium & Expo Hall in L.A., world fusion and electronic music group Beats Antique will be headlining the last leg of their Creature Carnival Tour, said to include “breathtaking performances, improvisational serendipity, audience participation, and tons more surprises to come,” according to the Creature Carnival Tour website.

Hosted by the Do LaB, known for putting on annual arts and musical festival Lightning in a Bottle, along with L.A.-based concert producer Goldenvoice, the Creature Carnival’s promises of a dynamic, participatory, multi-sensory presentation will likely not disappoint.

Accompanying electro tribal fusion trio Beats Antique will be psytrance master Simon Posford of Shpongle, Portland-based ambient trip-hop producer Emancipator and the bass-y, dance-y beats and rhymes of Oakland-based producer and emcee Lafa Taylor. Each distinct, genre-bending act has been said to take attendees deeper into a musical journey culminating with the Carnival’s star, Beats Antique.

Comprised of frontman, producer and multi-instrument connoisseur David Satori, belly-dancing beauty Zoe Jakes and drummer Tommy Cappel, Beats Antique is infamous for delivering an otherworldly experience bringing together the futuristic beats of modern electronic music with the artistic and spiritual stylings of ancient music from the Eastern hemisphere and beyond. Frequenting festivals across the country such as Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle and Lollapalooza, dancetronica trio Beats Antique personally selected likeminded artists to perform along with them during the Creature Carnival tour.

Shpongle’s strange, surreal and dreamy and ephemeral soundscapes are truly a trip, whether you’re on one or not. Known to be a pioneer in the psybient electronic music festival scene, Shpongle’s music has seen a growing fan base among not only American arts and music festival-goers but also in Europe, Israel and pockets of Asia. With musical influences spanning the globe, Shpongle’s mix of live instrumentation (i.e., flute arrangements) with electronic sonic textures makes for a perfect accompaniment to the multi-sensory stylings of Beats Antique.

The Portland-based electronic producer hailing from New York, Douglas Appling, a.k.a Emancipator, has been famous among experimental electronic music fans for his soulful integrations of raw hip-hop and melodious symphonic layers for several years now. Frequently accompanied by live violin playing from Ilya Goldberg, Emancipator’s music is a mix of dope beats and ethereal melodies guaranteed to move your heart and your feet.

Last but not least, Lafa Taylor is an up-and-coming hip-hop rapper, singer and producer based in Oakland with a penchant for heavy bass and gritty beats coupled with experimental electronic tunes and inspiring, activating lyrics. With his performance style featuring melodic choruses, intricate rhymes, beat-boxing and live-looping, Lafa Taylor’s performance is likely to be a dope addition to the Carnival’s night of musical wonder and mystique.


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