As the days get shorter and the temperature drops to a startling low 70 degrees, it is clear that that time of the quarter is rolling around: midterms. It can be hard knowing where to even start studying. So, here are some surefire study tips to help get you going.

1. For MCDB classes: Start watching Grey’s Anatomy



Why: This is a medical show! There are nine Netflix seasons chock-full of information. By watching the doctors learn, you yourself will cover the topics necessary to pass your class: anatomy, neuroscience, diseases and treatments. This study method could also be applied to sociology classes, as the hospital where the show takes place has a very complex social dynamic.

2. For Marine Biology: Take up surfing


Why: There’s no better way to review than immersing yourself into the topic … literally.

3. For Psychology: Take a nap


Why: This is a way to practically apply what you have learned about sleep patterns and dreaming. By taking a nap, you are able to observe the differences between REM and non-REM sleep. You can also practice Freudian dream analysis methods.

4. For Classics : Read the last Percy Jackson book



Why: This wonderful childhood book series has come to a conclusion. It’s your last chance to glean information about the Greek/Roman gods, heroes and mythology in a forum that is so comprehensible that third graders can understand it. An added bonus: a trip down memory lane.

5. For Economics: Go online shopping


Why: In order to really understand supply and demand, and the complex and delicate system that our economy is based on, one must participate in it. Online shopping is a convenient way for you to observe these factors in the real world from the comfort of your bed.

6. For English : Join NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)



Why: NaNoWriMo challenges its participants to write at least 50,000 words over the course of the month (roughly the length of a novel). By jumping on board, you will have an amazing opportunity to exercise your writing skills.

7. For Feminist Studies: Join Tumblr



Why: There are a variety of blogs providing information on feminism and feminist movements in understandable and creative ways. One helpful blog is Rejected Princesses, which gives in-depth descriptions of badass women through the ages.

8. For Nutrition: Break out that recipe book and learn to make a new dish


Why: This is an active way to practice what you have learned in class. You will become increasingly aware of what is being put into your body and what happens to that delicious meal that you’re about to eat once it’s in you. Also, your brain needs nourishment to work at maximum capacity.

9. For Astronomy: Go stargazing


Why: Being able to identify the constellations is obviously the most important part of this class. How will you be able to do that on a test if you can’t do that in real life?

10. For Chemistry: Follow in the footsteps of Walter White


Why: If you fail your midterms, at least you will have a fallback source of income.