Falvey, Kevin mugshot (potato quality)Last Friday evening UCSB Police Department officers arrested philosophy professor Kevin Falvey on felony false imprisonment charges following a verbal altercation between Falvey and an unidentified female victim.

The university police had earlier responded to a morning call from a next-door neighbor of Falvey regarding a vandalism complaint, according to UCPD spokesman Sgt. Rob Romero. It was not determined if Falvey was responsible for the crime.

Romero said the police then responded to a second call later in the afternoon from a neighbor hearing loud noises and yelling coming from Falvey’s residence.

Falvey’s research involves the philosophy of language and the mind. Falvey is currently scheduled to teach one upper-division class this quarter offered through the philosophy department, PHIL 149.

According to Romero, the felony false imprisonment charge is used when one person restricts the movements of another person. Neither Falvey nor university officials have responded to requests for comment regarding the arrest.

This story appeared on page 1 of Thursday, October 2, 2014’s print edition of the Daily Nexus.