Way Over Yonder, self-described “younger cousin” of the Newport Folk Festival, will bring a variety of music acts to the iconic Santa Monica Pier this weekend.

The Newport Folk Festival famously spurred the careers of several beloved artists including Joan Baez and Bob Dylan, and Way Over Yonder aims to bring that tradition the West Coast. The festival will span over Friday and Saturday evening, headlined by Jackson Browne and Local Natives. Supporting acts include Lucinda Williams, Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Jamestown Revival and Heartless Bastards.

Jackson Browne’s authentic, soul-baring classics promise to appeal as much to millennials in the audience as to baby-boomers who grew up listening to him. His 70’s folk will be nicely complimented by Local Natives, who represent a more modern take on the genre. The recent Extravaganza headliners are sure to play an exciting set of their psychedelic-influenced tunes.

The lineup as a whole represents a wide spectrum of artists falling under the category of “folk”. Folk’s central characteristics have always been hotly contested, making a definition that is difficult to pin down, but Way Over Yonder embraces this variability. Artists must have some roots in the tradition of the travelling American singer-songwriter in order to be considered for the festival, but they are not required to be strictly definable as folk. Way Over Yonder takes pride in following the footsteps of the Newport Folk Festival by expanding the definition of the genre. As a result, even veteran folk fans are sure to hear something new this weekend.

As far as locations go, it’s difficult to imagine a more idyllic one than the Santa Monica Pier. Festival attendees will be treated with views of the Pacific Ocean just beyond the view of their favorite band. The pier contains its own amusement park, as well as many popular restaurants and shops. There will also be food vendors and several bars within the festival.

With its strong lineup and enviable location, there is little more one could ask from this festival. Way Over Yonder promises a weekend of good American music and good American fun.


Visit wayoveryonder.net/ for tickets and more information.

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