Nexus photographer John Clow captured images from two of the biggest crime scenes of the mass shooting spree in Isla Vista: at IV Deli Mart on Pardall Rd, and on the 6500 block of Del Playa drive, where the shooting suspect Elliot Rodger shot himself to death to end the chase.

All photos by John Clow/Daily Nexus.

IV Mass Shooting_JohnClow_05.24.2014_06
IV Mass Shooting_JohnClow_05.24.2014_05
IV Mass Shooting_JohnClow_05.24.2014_07
IV Mass Shooting_JohnClow_05.24.2014_04
IV Mass Shooting_JohnClow_05.24.2014_03
IV Mass Shooting_JohnClow_05.24.2014_01
IV Mass Shooting_JohnClow_05.24.2014_30
IV Mass Shooting_JohnClow_05.24.2014_11
IV Mass Shooting_JohnClow_05.24.2014_10
IV Mass Shooting_JohnClow_05.24.2014_29
IV Mass Shooting_JohnClow_05.24.2014_28
IV Mass Shooting_JohnClow_05.24.2014_11


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