Tomorrow evening, local UCSB-based music bloggers and event producers Speak Volumes Media will collaborate with Magic Lantern Films to bring celebrated artist Dam-Funk to Isla Vista Theater.

Dam-Funk, who hails from Los Angeles, will bring his early-80s-inspired “boogie funk” to this exciting event.  Dam-Funk is also a member of the highly-regarded Stones Throw Records, a label with a reputation for cultivating immense and unusual talents, including artists like J Dilla and Madlib.

The show will mark the 10th anniversary of the beloved film series, which regularly screens critically-acclaimed and cult films for students.  Magic Lantern was named after Isla Vista’s 1970s art house theater; the original Magic Lantern would eventually become Isla Vista Theater, a physical space that continues to support art and eclecticism with its varied programming that ranges from art shows to drag shows to film series like Magic Lantern’s, and of course, live music events.

In the last year, Speak Volumes has become far more than the beautifully-designed and artfully-curated quarterly zine and music blog site that its founders started (despite their favorite self-descriptive line: “We’re just a music blog.”). The group has organized a number of popular shows downtown and in Isla Vista and they don’t show signs of slowing down any time soon.  This is especially great for people looking for “Something Else” when it comes to music.

“Something Else” is the aptly titled series of live performances Speak Volumes has joined with Magic Lantern to present at Isla Vista Theater, beginning this quarter.  The first event in this series featured Peaking Lights on April 25 while Mndsgn is slated for May 30, and of course, Dam-Funk on May 9.

Add this to your calendar and check out for tickets and for more eclectic music inspiration.