Student and county representatives will hold public meetings to discuss the future of Isla Vista in the wake of the civil unrest that rocked Deltopia late Saturday night.

On Thursday, Third District County Supervisor Doreen Farr will be holding a two-hour open meeting at the Coffee Collaborative from 1 to 3 p.m. to meet with students and I.V. residents to address neighborhood issues. Farr has held similar open meetings called “office hours” before to assess the general concerns of the community she represents.

Today at Del Playa Park at 6 p.m., there will be a conference for I.V. students and residents to address the Deltopia violence and create a community response. Speakers will be pulled from the audience to give brief five to 10-minute statements on the events of the weekend.

According to 5th-year aquatic biology major and event host Alana Osaki, representatives for Doreen Farr, along with community members, Associated Students representatives, Isla Vista Tenants Union representatives and possible police and Santa Barbara County Fire Department representatives will be in attendance. Osaki confirmed Andrey Bogdanov, the Vice Chair of the IVTU as one of the speakers scheduled to present this afternoon.

Osaki also said topics covered will include the festival ordinance, camera implementation, safety in all aspects and rape prevention.

“I biked through our usually vibrant and social campus and found a campus filled with disgrace,” Osaki stated on the event Facebook page. “I don’t feel this is how we should respond to this very unfortunate weekend. While I understand we should feel sad for the way that the events unfolded we should not just sit around and do nothing while the world hears a story that tarnishes everything we have worked so hard to accomplish.”



A version of this article appeared in the Wednesday, April 9 edition of the Daily Nexus.