1. Can Peyton Manning win a second Super Bowl?

Manning has come up at the short end of the stick many times in his career. Even his little brother has more titles than him in less years played in the league. But, Manning can truly cement his legendary status with a victory that will make many consider him the greatest of all time.

2. Can Russell Wilson match Peyton Manning?

In only his second season in the league, Wilson has already taken his team to the Super Bowl. It took Manning almost a decade for him to do that. Manning has the advantage of experience but don’t overlook Wilson. His ability to make plays outside the pocket makes him a threat at any time. One thing for certain is true—Wilson needs to make big plays for the Seahawks to win.

3. Will Beast Mode let loose?

Marshawn Lynch has been tearing up in the postseason, but the Broncos are no slouches on defense either. In its last three games, Denver has given up less than 70 yards running. Denver definitely has the defenders to tame the beast.

4. Which player will be the X-factor?

In all likelihood, with a game this even each team will need a role player to step up big. Last year it was Jacoby Jones.  From the Seahawks possible players include Percy Harvin, a player coming back from injury and can contribute big on special teams. Don’t forget Denver’s kicker Matt Prater. A game this tight could go down all the way to the last possession of the game.

5. Does defense truly win championships?

This matchup puts the best defense against the best offense. The last time this happened in the Super Bowl was after the 1990 season when the Giants and Bills faced off. In that game defense prevailed. Which philosophy will come out on top this time? Usually defense wins out, but if the Broncos win, then maybe the old saying isn’t always true.

6. Commercials! Commercials! Commercials!

7. Will Richard Sherman live up to the hype?

Most likely, yes.  Check this stat out that proves Sherman can not only talk the talk, but also do the playing. In the last two season, Sherman has allowed only a one receiver to have more than three catches in a game. Say what you want about Sherman’s personality because on the field, there’s no denying his ability to perform.

8. Halftime show

So maybe Bruno Mars isn’t your thing. At least watch it for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

9. How much weed will be bought on Super Bowl Sunday in Colorado and Washington?

Is it a coincidence that the two states that legalized marijuana are both in the Super Bowl? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, when kickoff approaches, expect fans in Denver to experience a different kind of “Mile High”.

10. Will weather play a factor?

This won’t be your typical warm weathered Super Bowl. Possibility of rain or snow is reported to be as high as 20 percent, making this game look more like Ice Bowl II. A cold-weathered game favors the Seahawks’ style of play with Marshawn Lynch’s ability to bulldoze his way past defenders. Even more important might be wind speed that can cause serious problems to Denver’s passing game.