I bet you’re expecting me to say some long-winded, witty comment regarding Richard Sherman, but the truth is that Sherman has always been known for trash talking, and I wonder why the media is making his NFC title-game exchange with Michael Crabtree seem like something out of the ordinary. In all honesty, he just seems to make people uncomfortable, and no one really takes him seriously off the field; seen most clearly in Erin Andrews’ facial expressions during her interview with Sherman after the Seahawk win over the 49ers.

What is more comical — in my humble opinion — was Crabtree’s response both on the field, and off. After being made a fool of by Sherman’s nonchalant tap-block and unsportsmanlike taunting, Crabtree did what all football fans wanted to do, by shoving his hand in Sherman’s facemask. However, later in the evening, ESPN thought it prevalent to broadcast, for lack of a better word, unintelligent, comments made between Sherman and Crabtree.

As goes like this,

Sherman: “When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that’s the result you going to get.”

And no, I didn’t make a grammatical error in reciting that statement.

Crabtree: “He (Sherman) didn’t make any other plays in the game… but he made a good play there.”

In conclusion on this subject, Sherman is a great player, and there’s no denying that fact, but that doesn’t mean non-Seahawk fans have to like him.

In other football news, commissioner Roger Goodell announces publicly that he will be sitting with the commoners “outside” at the Super Bowl game in New Jersey, former Charger head coach Norv Turner becomes the Vikings offensive coordinator, and Tom Brady will not be playing in the Pro Bowl, and will be replaced with Alex Smith.

On another note, funniest game-time announcing comment I’ve heard in a while goes like this:

“Brady has been sitting on that bench for quite some time, and hasn’t looked up once.” Brady then looks up while the camera is on him. “Until now.”