The principal suspect connected with the recent burglaries in Cheadle Hall and several San Clemente apartments over the last three weeks was arrested by UCPD yesterday at approximately 10:15 a.m. Identified as Jeffrey Allen Stevens, 26, the suspect was taken into custody outside of the Camino Real Marketplace McDonald’s after an unnamed source tipped police off to Stevens’ frequent patronage there. Once apprehended, some of the stolen goods were found in Stevens’ possession. According to UCPD Sergeant Rob Romero, items stolen include laptop computers, small electronics, purses, wallets, keys and money, although not everything stolen has been accounted for. No further details can be confirmed by UCPD as of press time, as the investigation is ongoing. However, police suspect Stevens to be connected with several other crimes, including theft of a stolen vehicle, according to a press release by UCPD.



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