I am a master’s degree student at UCSB. I have a 2-year-old son who is in the White Door of the Orfalea Family Children’s Center. Recently, I heard that the university is going to cancel the daycare fee for students. Please don’t!

My husband is a postdoctoral researcher at UCLA. I am not a TA or RA and don’t have any income. Thus, my family monthly income is only around $2,700 after taxes. We need to pay apartment rent ($856 monthly), my tuition ($4,319.56 quarterly) and my son’s daycare fee ($385 monthly). In fact, my husband’s salary is not enough to support our daily living. If my son’s daycare fee increases, we will not be able to afford it. Therefore, we need to consider sending my son back to China to live with his grandparents. The truth is, we really want to keep my son with us in the U.S. to watch every step of his growth. I think this is a simple wish common to all parents.

Please pass my situation and urge the school to support families like us. I would really appreciate it.



Zhike Liu


This letter appeared online only at dailynexus.com on Friday, April 26, 2013.