Yesterday, hundreds of UCSB students crowded Storke Plaza to meet actors Seth Rogen, Danny McBride and Craig Robinson as the comedic trio promoted their newest film This Is the End. The film follows  escapades and those of several other well-known celebrities as they navigate their way through an apocalyptic L.A. after disaster strikes during a house party at James Franco’s house. In addition to visiting UCSB and signing loads of autographs, the three actors attended a sneak-preview screening of This Is the End at Camino Real Theater in Goleta. Prior to the screening, the three actors spoke on issues of comedic and dramatic acting, weed-smoking and general partying ‘subject matter’ in an exclusive interview with the Nexus.

Nexus: In This Is the End, you’re all playing your real-life selves. How accurate of a portrayal were your performances? Is that what you’re really like?
Seth: Danny’s character is exactly like Danny. No one else is like themselves; everyone’s just like cooler versions of themselves. Danny’s just like a nice, cool version of himself.
Danny: A toned down version.
Seth: Exactly.

Nexus: How did you guys celebrate 4/20?
Seth: I was on a plane to Mexico. I didn’t celebrate it unfortunately. (To Danny and Craig) Did you guys do anything?
Danny: I celebrate 4/20 everyday, right?
Seth: Craig throws a parade every year — The Craig Robinson 4/20 parade in West LA.
Craig: I was doing it…

Nexus: What would your ideal college party be like?
Seth: Man, that’s a good question.
Craig: Kegger!
Seth: A lot of professors…
Danny: Yeah, about academic things.
Seth: The dean; I would want the dean there.

Nexus: What would you do with the dean?
Seth: I’d just ask him about the school and the student body.
Danny: Learn from him. Learn. Ask him to teach you some stuff.
Seth: Or just a big keg party would be good.

Nexus: Who’s your favorite musician?
Seth: Man, that’s tough, you know…
Craig: That’s a tough question.
Danny: Craig’s my favorite musician. He’s a wonderful musician.
Seth: Kasha. Did I say it right?

Nexus: No, it’s Ke$ha, actually. It’s not Kasha.
Seth: Ke$ha, okay Ke$ha.

Nexus: Do you want to expand in your acting? All of you have done cool stoner comedies. Do you want to get more serious?
Danny: It’d be nice but then you just get tired, and go back and do the same old thing.
Seth: I don’t know, do you want to get serious Craigers?
Craig: I’d do a couple of things, sure.
Seth (in response to Craig): Serious things? Moments?
Seth: Uh yeah, serious movies are decidedly less fun to make than comedies, I feel. Right? Danny’s made some serious films.
Danny: Everything. So serious.
Seth: Everything’s serious. Danny didn’t know this was a comedy.
Danny: It’s a real drama.
Seth: It’s a human drama.

Nexus: Seth, what was it like directing for the first time? Is that something you want to continue?
Seth: Um yeah, definitely. It was a lot of fun. It was fun controlling these meat puppets, like the empty shells they are.
Danny: Fell right in line.
Seth: Little marionettes and I pulled their strings. I squeezed good performances out of them — like juice from a rock.