Arts & Lectures will feature award-winning underwater photojournalist Brian Skerry and a presentation of his career in documenting marine life during an event this Sunday, April 7 at 3 p.m. in Campbell Hall.

Skerry’s showcase, “Ocean Soul,” is the fourth and final event of the Arts & Lectures “National Geographic Live!” series. Skerry, a contract photographer for National Geographic Magazine since 1998 who dives eight months of the year, will focus on a collection of marine life images captured during his ocean voyages, from glacial waters to seals to damaged coral ecosystems.

According to Arts & Lectures Associate Director Roman Baratiak, Skerry will provide the audience with insight into how they can protect the oceans and share stories about the diversity of marine life he has witnessed underwater through his photography.

“This will be a fully illustrated multimedia event with Brian sharing stories and insights from his career and observations on the state of the world’s oceans and what we can do to protect them,” Baratiak said. “Most of the event will be viewing a collection of some of the amazing photographs that Brian has amassed over the years.”

According to Jennifer Caselle, associate research biologist at the Marine Science Institute, Skerry’s portraits convey the ethereal, mysterious quality of the underwater domain. The event will provide attendees with a better understanding of the ocean’s connection with human life, Caselle said.

“[Brian Skerry] has an incredible sense of how to convey the beauty and the fragility of the underwater world,” Caselle said. “I would guess, and I think Brian would hope, that the audience comes away from his presentation with a much better understanding of how we are related to the ocean, how ocean creatures relate to each other and how important healthy oceans are to our livelihoods and our communities. For those who do not venture onto or under the ocean, Brian can bring that to them.”

Caselle said Skerry’s work should have a significant impact on audience members, especially UCSB students.

“UCSB students and Santa Barbara residents live in close proximity to the ocean,” Caselle said. “Water surrounds us, and we have a unique relationship with the sea. Our community will benefit greatly by exploring the waters beyond our backyard with Brian’s photographs.”

Baratiak said the event will be influential for UCSB students considering the school’s prominence in the field of marine sciences and its status as a leader in environmental activism and sustainability.

“UCSB has a reputation as one of the leading educational and research universities in the marine sciences,” Baratiak said. “This event is perfect not just for students in the sciences but everyone who loves our coastal environment.”

Admission to the event costs $15 for students and youths and $20 for the general public. Students must have their I.D. ready when purchasing a ticket.

For more information about the event, visit or call the ticket information office at (805) 893-3535.

First Encounter

A photographer comes face to face with a Right Whale. “Ocean Soul” will showcase photographs of sealife captured by Brian Skerry on his dives for National Geographic Magazine.