The Associated Students Senate held their weekly meeting last night and discussed issues regarding ongoing campus development and further engaging the student body in tackling the current budgetary obstacles facing the UC system at the state level.Speakers in the meeting focused particularly on the school’s physical landscape, emphasizing the need for more student space on campus, which will be addressed through impending renovations to the UCen and the library. Alumnus and former A.S. President Harrison Weber introduced the discussion of spatial issues, stating that the current space is not sufficient to accommodate the growing size of the current student body. Weber said building space in the UCen could be better utilized for academic activities.

“[There has been an] effort from students, administrators, staff and even some faculty who understood that the UCen doesn’t get used as much as it should,” Weber said.

Marquez added that while more campus study spaces are needed, A.S. representatives should be cost- conscious in their decision-making. She implored the Senate to take into account the building’s history of budget mismanagement.

“[We] are currently paying for the last renovation of [the UCen],” Marquez said.

A.S. President Sophia Armen called for more student input in tackling the development projects, arguing that this could be a “critical point” in deciding the campus’s future appearance. She encouraged students to come forward with ideas regarding the issue since university facilities are used by every member of the student body.

“There should be student input in a very large way,” Armen said. “We should have the power to decide what our university is going to look like not just now, but 30 years down the line.”

In light of ongoing state funding issues, A.S. External Vice President of Statewide Affairs Nadim Houssain said it is more important than ever for students to fill their civic duty to vote, stating that students should make themselves aware of the pro- education bill Proposition 30 — the rejection of which would result in a mid-year tuition hike — as well as register to vote if they have not already.

External Vice President of Local Affairs Rhandy Siordia presented his work collaborating with Isla Vista Elementary School and preparing I.V. for the much-anticipated Halloween celebrations.