Earlier this month, 55-year-old Santa Barbara resident Thomas Arnold was arrested on accusations of shipping approximately 250 pounds of high-grade marijuana cross-country to New Jersey.

Arnold was arrested on May 16 after authorities in Burlington County, New Jersey found 15 large cargo boxes of marijuana and traced the delivery back to Arnold. Arnold is currently held in Burlington County Jail at a bail of $250,000 with charges of marijuana possession and intent to sell.

The shipment had a reported street value of roughly $1 million and was delivered to a public storage facility in New Jersey.

Burlington County Prosecutor Robert Bernardi released a statement saying that he hoped the arrest would serve as an example to anyone planning to attempt similar crimes.

“This was a very effective, collaborative effort, and I appreciate the involvement and hard work of all the agencies that participated,” Bernardi said. “The message to dope peddlers is very clear. We are out there every day, looking for you. If you plan on plying your trade in Burlington County, we will find you, arrest you and bring you to justice.”