Daily Nexus co-sports editor Ryan Porush and managing editor Jacqueline Vietor sat down with Brent Pella, co-sports editor and the genius behind the recent UCSB YouTube music video sensation “Bike Path Love.” Pella dished on bicycles, UCSB and, of course, his inspiration: love on the fabled bike paths of our campus.


DAILY NEXUS: First of all, the video is awesome. When did the concept behind “Bike Path Love” begin to take form, and how did the process of producing the music video play out?


BRENT PELLA: The idea behind “Bike Path Love” took place probably the day I moved to Isla Vista and bought my bike and hit the bike path and saw 10 gorgeous girls in a row. I knew something had to be done about it, because I couldn’t just stop the girls … I needed some way to get my love out there, so I figured what better way than write a magical music piece.


DN: Do you actually ride a mountain bike?


BP: Yes, I do. It has shocks.


DN: And how do the ladies like the shocks?


BP: The shocks absorb a lot of the movement that takes place on and around the bike. So yes, the ladies dig the shocks.


DN: You guys look like you had a great time making the music video — what was your favorite part of filming it?

BP: My favorite part was probably wearing the white suits because they are just kickass — they are so cool. Wearing a white suit was on [my] bucket list so I figured I would cross that off. Also, getting girls to bend over in yoga pants was pretty fun.


DN: The name of the group is “2030.” Could you explain that to us?


BP: 2030 is me and my friend Matt, who is the singer in the video … I went to Santa Cruz for my freshman and sophomore year of college and he was my roommate in the dorms. When we moved out of the dorms and into an apartment, our place was 2030 North Pacific Avenue, and it was just the sickest place in the world, so we decided to call ourselves 2030.


DN: You’ve had over 18,000 views on YouTube now. Was there a goal as far as number of views?


BP: I knew it was going to get to mostly UCSB people. I was hoping that it would reach as broad an audience as possible, which would be awesome. But in reality, if only 10 people watched it and liked it, I would consider it a success. But really, I am shooting for 20,000 by graduation.


DN: Have you ever asked a lady to lay her kickstand down?


BP: I have asked many a female to lay their kickstands down, but only ones without oil on their chains. Because the ones with oil on their chains — I can’t mess with them, I can’t do it. How are you supposed to ride a bike with oily chains?


DN: Where is the best place on the UCSB bike path to fall in love?


BP: The best place to fall in love on the bike path is easily the area between Pardall tunnel and Storke Tower. It might as well be a runway for the gorgeous models that always bike by. It’s incredible — I almost crash every time. To this day I have never crashed … but I have gotten very close with a couple of awkward stares.


DN: In your expert experiences, what kind and/or color bike do the hottest girls ride?


BP: I don’t discriminate against bike color. I love all bikes, I don’t see color. I see a bike and I see yoga pants and then I see her face … and then love.

DN: How has the success of this video transformed your life with the ladies? Are people recognizing you and throwing panties at you as you stroll down DP?


BP: Sadly, no one has thrown panties at me yet. And that was definitely one of the goals for the video. People have stopped me [and] said it’s a great video and taken pictures [with me], but sadly I have not gotten stopped on the bike path yet. The day that a girl accidentally crashes into me on the bike paths because of the video will be the day that I know it was successful.


DN: What do you say to girls like me who have no bike?


BP: If you fall in love on the bike path without a bike, you better have a good cardio system, because your ass will be running after that bike. If you fall in love on the bike path without a bike, then you will just be the most depressed individual in the world because you’re watching your love ride away without you and you can’t do anything about it.


DN: What projects are you working on currently or for the future? Any plans for a sequel?


BP: I founded a small independent entertainment company called Thumbs Up Entertainment with one of my good friends who currently goes to LMU. We have a few more music videos and a couple of short films in the works that we are really looking forward to producing over the next few months. As far as my music videos go, I am looking to do four more by the end of the summer and put them out.


DN: Can we expect a “Bike Path Love” sequel?


BP: You can expect more white suits. And hopefully more yoga pants.


DN: So you are a writer, producer, director, actor and rapper? Is there anything Brent Pella can’t do, or should we call you Brent the Renaissance Man?


BP: I would say I am first and foremost a writer — I always have been a writer. I really like to write anything from songs to poetry to journalism to short films … anything. I couldn’t really put a tag on myself. I’ve never been a fan of branding yourself as only one specific thing; people shouldn’t have to limit themselves like that. If you want to do one thing in your life, then that’s awesome — do it. But if you want to do more than one thing, then do more than one thing. For as long as you can and as long as it makes you happy, do what you love.


DN: What are your plans for after graduation?


BP: I am going to try to do whatever is fun. Because that’s what I have been doing so far, and it has been working out really well. I like to do what makes me happy, and right now that is a lot of different things. I have been pretty good about doing all of them without starving to death or going broke. It’s worth it to do what you love.


DN: And finally, for all the girls out there, are you single? Are you taken?


BP: I am single. And I just got some new wheels on my bike, and I just cleaned the chain. The shocks have never worked so well. If anybody wants to try them out, they can find me on the roundabout.



Check out “Bike Path Love” now at www.dailynexus.com.

Also, check out Thumbs Up Entertainment at www.facebook.com/thumbsupentmnt and follow Brent Pella on Twitter — @BrentPella.