Ramon Gonzalez Ceja, a wanted fugitive for over 14 years who is suspected of rape, burglary and domestic violence, turned himself in on Tuesday to the Santa Barbara County Jail.

Ceja was first arrested in 1998 on allegations that he committed several crimes, including rape, in Carpinteria. Ceja skipped bail and became a fugitive from justice following his initial incarceration.

According to a Santa Barbara County Sheriff ’s Office press release, the SBCSO Felony Fugitive Unit re-examined Ceja’s case last year and renewed efforts to locate him.Cejawasincludedinthedepartment’s Most Wanted List for several years.

According to the press release, investigators discovered information indicating that Ceja could be staying at a local residence. Before deputies could investigate further to apprehend him, Ceja turned himself in to authorities on April 24.

SBCSO Public Information Officer Drew Sugars said Ceja will stand trial for the charges initially placed against him 14 years ago.

“He is incarcerated now,” Sugars said. “I believe he had a bail reduction hearing today. He has been arrested and he is going to face the charges from the 1998 crimes.”

Sugars said the court will decide the final outcome in Ceja’s case.

“We have a judicial system to sort [his verdict] out, but he was identified as the suspect and he was arrested for the crimes — then he posted bail and left the area,” Sugars said. “At that point he became a fugitive, but we believe he committed the crime.”