You go out frolicking with your friends down DP, have a few drinks, enjoy the night, wake up the next morning and realize you had a few more drinks than you thought. Your head is pounding and your stomach is queasy. You are hungover.

This night-to-day timeline is more than typical for college students, and Gauchos happen to have perfected the scenario. Thankfully for us at UCSB, there is a hotspot with a magical hangover cure right around the corner: I.V. Drip. Largely known for its amazingly affordable desserts, this local food joint has more than just sweet-tooth-satisfying treats. They also serve delicious breakfast, and for just five bucks your hangover can be helped by their combo special of a breakfast sandwich and coffee.

This breakfast special consists of a breakfast sandwich of your choice — on a croissant, bagel or English muffin — and comes with a piping hot cup of coffee in whichever size you’d like. That’s right; no matter if you order a small or large cup of java, your bill will still be just $5.

Although coffee is not the most desirable thing for curing your post-drinking symptoms, this steamy beverage will temporarily make you feel better, which is why many people believe it to be a hangover remedy. Also, limiting your intake to just one cup will not do any harm and will deliver signs of improvement, such as fighting off fatigue, since it is a stimulant. Additionally, caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, meaning it reduces the size of blood vessels — the opposite impact that alcohol has on the body. When you consume alcohol, your blood vessels swell up, making your head hurt. However, if you drink more than IV Drip’s generous portion, you may consequently feel even more tired once the caffeine wears off. Coffee is a diuretic, and has similar effects as alcohol, like dehydration. Overall, coffee is a great short-term cure, but you will be sure to improve your icky morning feeling if you pair it with a breakfast sandwich that contains many effective ingredients.

The main component of the breakfast sandwich is the eggs, which are proven to be one of the best power foods to fight off a hangover. As protein, eggs will provide your body with the energy that it lost from your antics the night before, and they also contain cysteine. This substance breaks down acetaldehyde, one of the toxins that creates your hangover in the first place. After drinking too much alcohol, your body needs to rid itself of the toxins it has gained, and eating eggs might be the answer to your liver’s problems.

Your body will also crave the energy that you overcompensated for the prior night, and protein-packed foods will help replenish your lack of strength and vivacity. According to I.V. Drip’s owner, customers can choose their favorite protein component from ham, bacon, turkey or sausage. All of these options are great selections for the protein that you need, and the bacon and sausage will also satisfy your body’s desire for fatty foods. Similar to coffee, greasy foods will temporarily improve your “bottle flu” because the fat lines your stomach and intestines, but eating too much can have negative effects. The portion of bacon or sausage served in your sandwich is the perfect amount to make your way out of nausea, but overeating any of these foods may make you feel weighed-down and eventually tired. Another approach to fulfilling the fat content necessary to help your hangover is consuming healthier fats such as avocados, olive oil or salmon. It may cost you a bit extra, but Californians love avocado, so go ahead and ask for that as an add-on to your sandwich.

Next is the cheese: American, pepper jack and cheddar are some of the choices you can have melted onto your eggs, and this dairy product is packed with protein as well, enhancing your energy like the meat on your sandwich. Lastly, you can’t have a sandwich without bread, and you can’t cure a hangover without carbohydrates. Whole grains are best for improving post-drinking symptoms because they contain magnesium, which alcohol depletes, but all carbs help to soak up the alcohol in your system. Buttery croissants, flaky English muffins and a variety of bagels such as plain, onion, poppy seed, cinnamon raisin and cheese will top off your meal to perfection.

If you are a fan of hot sauce, you are in luck. In Latin America, spicy foods are believed to be a hangover remedy because the heat helps to sweat out the toxins that alcohol provides, so pour on as much Cholula, Tapatio Tabasco as your heart desires.

For the struggling party-goers who are still too queasy to eat solid food, do not fear. I.V. Drip offers many hangover- fighting beverages such as smoothies and fruit juice. The smoothies ($4.25-$4.50) are made with fresh frozen fruit such as banana, mango, pineapple and acai berries. Make sure to ask for banana blended into your drink because your body needs to replenish potassium after a night of drinking. Potassium-rich foods also provide electrolytes, and the chilled fruit will be refreshing for your system. Fruit juice is also a good option because fructose (fruit sugar) naturally increases your energy levels. Fruit is also high in vitamins and nutrients such as vitamins C and B.

According to the owner, many students surprisingly indulge in cupcakes for breakfast when they arrive at I.V. Drip, but on mornings after drinking, your body will be much happier if you opt out of the high-sugar baked goods. However, if your appetite is still insisting on it, you can choose a breakfast sweet such as a pastry or muffin, which may not cure your hangover, but will definitely taste good.

And those of you who have no hope in improving your hangover — but are just looking for some good grub to make your day a little better — can always enjoy one of their famed “cookiewiches,” made with fresh-baked cookies every day.