Several UCSB students are collaborating with this Valentine’s Day to play Cupid and deliver handmade cupcakes for all of Isla Vista’s special someones.

Third-year global studies major Hanna Mendoza and her associates will accept orders via until 7 p.m. Monday before proceeding to a commercial kitchen in Carpinteria to bake and package the gifts. Vanilla bean and red velvet cupcakes are available in batches of four for $7 or eight for $13.

According to Mendoza, the custom “love-cakes” are already in high demand.

“We’re looking at a heavy night of baking on Monday,” Mendoza said. “It is definitely going to be a group effort.”

Mendoza’s business venture will give heartbreakers another chance to meet “Mean Girls” standards — four for you, Glen Coco; you go, Glen Coco.

Mendoza, who began selling baked goods on the beach near her home in England, said the user-friendly process provides timid romantics a way to express their feelings.

“I thought that it would be a romantic way of sending anonymous Valentines to people in the area —girls and boys both love food,” Mendoza said. “It is a nice way of starting something off with someone.”

Of course, Mendoza said under-loved customers are also welcome to lend themselves some sugar, as affections with Isla Vista neighbors can be tempestuous at best.

“Actually, it is funny — we have had a couple people order for themselves,” Mendoza said.

The boxes are printed with the recipient’s name and a personal message inside and can be delivered anywhere in Isla Vista or on campus between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Valentine’s Day.