I haven’t done a list in a while. I like lists. They’re all organized and stuff. And I know you like my lists, and I know you’ve missed them, so I’ve decided to cook one up for you. Like a big, juicy steak. Except it’s a list. Which is almost as good. Anyway, in this juicy list/steak hybrid, I’ll tell you which struggling players I think it’s time to give up on. Not all list/steaks are happy, but they sure are delicious, especially if you read/eat them with mashed potatoes and corn.


Sam Bradford, QB, St. Louis Rams: Bradford has the potential to be a very good NFL quarterback, but now is not his time. He has had only two double digit fantasy days and yet is still owned in almost 70 percent of leagues. I say it’s time to abandon ship, at least for now. His wide-receiver corps is shaky at best, leading to just three passing touchdowns so far. It will get better once Brandon Lloyd learns the offense, but that won’t solve the offensive line’s problems, which have been awful and is a major part of why Bradford has already fumbled seven times. Bradford might find success in the NFL one day, but it probably won’t come while he’s with the Rams.


Tim Hightower, RB, Washington Redskins: Hightower started off the season looking like he had the starting job locked up, but after week three things started to deteriorate quickly. You could blame the decrease in production on injuries, but there’s more to it than that. Head Coach Mike Shanahan loves using multiple running backs, which limited his touches from the beginning, but he seems to have committed himself to rookie Roy Helu and veteran Ryan Torain, who he was already fond of before coming to Washington. With those two getting most of the snaps and injuries stealing what playing time he had left, Hightower has little fantasy value at the moment.


Robert Meachem, WR, New Orleans Saints: Meachem is another guy with a lot of potential who can’t seem to live up to it. Many people thought coming into this season that he would solidify his spot as the number-two receiver behind Marques Colston, which in the Saints’ offense would have made him a valuable asset. Yet he has failed to do so. Even when Colston was out with an injury, Meachem did nothing to step up or distinguish himself. Now Colston is back and, along with tight end Jimmy Graham and running back Darren Sproles, getting most of the looks from quarterback Drew Brees.


Peyton Manning, QB, Indianapolis Colts: Most people have already figured this out, but the 13 percent of you who haven’t need to read this: Manning is not coming back this season. Even if he is cleared to play before the end of the season, which is unlikely, he still won’t play. The Colts are 0-6 and are rapidly falling out of playoff contention, which means that they have no reason to risk bringing Manning back too soon and risking anther injury. He’ll be back next season when he’s fully healed, but for now it’s time to face the reality of an NFL without Peyton Manning.


That’s it. I hope you enjoyed your article/meal. I wrote/cooked it with love, just for you. And everyone else who read/ate it.


Pick Up of the Week: Carson Palmer, QB, Oakland Raiders. His arm strength isn’t what it once was, but he’s only 31 and, more importantly, he’s motivated after what he went through with Cincinnati. Add that to the fact that Oakland had some really good weapons for him to play with, and you sense the potential for some really good things. If you need QB help, take a chance on Palmer.

Daily Nexus NFL columnist Joshua Greenberg likes his lists medium-rare.