It only takes a quick couple minutes to plug your votes into GOLD and the candidates, fees and amendment on the Spring Ballot are absolutely critical to your continued participation in the higher education system.

The Associated Students as a whole collect and disburse your student lock-in fee revenue, amounting to over $10 million of student money this year. The five executive offices on the ballot, in addition to the Off- and On-Campus representatives, are your appointed liasons between the student body, the university, the state government and the local community. They campaign on your behalf (or are supposed to) and get to spend your money every week (hopefully to your benefit).

If you do not vote in the elections, you have done nothing to support candidates who can make positive change in the student government. If you ignore the elections, then find yourself outraged by the excess and inefficiency of A.S. processes or frustrutated by the University, consider yourself partly responsible. If you think that you are slipping through the cracks, that the students’ voice has been lost, try starting with your vote on the spring ballot.

Take a moment to read our full endorsement breakdown on and make an informed vote. The results of this election will have telling consequences next year, and in years to come. Every choice you make sets a precedent- every vote counts.

– Daily Nexus Editorial Staff