The Associated Students Finance Board distributed $8,742 to eight student organizations at their first meeting of the school year last night.

The board partially funded all presenters, which included the DJ Club, Alpha Phi Alpha, the M.U.S.I.C. Club, UCen Administration, Health and Wellness, the Persian Student Group, Black Student Union and Laughology. The board started the meeting with $36,035 in the Fall unallocated budget — an amount it has previously doled out in a single meeting.

According to finance board member Raul Martinez, the funding for one quarter of last year constituted more than four times the amount for Fall 2011, causing the board to institute a policy that bans funding for T-shirts and places a $250 cap on DJ funding.

“I really want us to protect student services and save funding for such programs,” Martinez said. “A lot of these agenda items are great events and give students great experiences; however, we need to think about how they impact the student body in terms of services and not just entertainment. I’m pretty sure over $36,000 has been requested in tonight’s meeting alone and we still have eight or nine meetings to go.”

DJ Club President Kenjamin Ho, a fourth-year geological science major, requested funding for a concert in the Hub on Oct. 8, intending to provide students with an inclusive environment.

“This concert is going to be open to everybody,” Ho said. “We hope to make this an accessible event. We’re targeting this concert to a lot of the first-year students here to make this campus more popular for artists to come to this campus to perform in the future.”

The board eventually allocated $1,600 to the DJ Club. Student pre-sale tickets will be $7 and tickets for the general public — as well as those sold at the door — will be $10.

UCen Administration requested funding for this quarter’s UStudy Center finals week provisions, which will include drop-in massages, midnight breakfast, CLAS Services in Corwin Pavilion and open study rooms throughout the building.

According to Conference Services Manager Katie Falbo, the center’s funding is crucial this year as Davidson Library will be closed for construction.

“It’s great to have a place to come study during the night,” Falbo said. “With the library going under construction and being out of service for the next two years — including the 24-hour room — it’s really important that we fund this program to offer a place for students to be able to study individually or in groups and get the services they need to get through finals week.”

The board funded the UCen Administration in the amount of $1,200.

Laughology requested funding for five of its nine Fall Quarter’s shows. Co-President Maximilian Lockwood, a third-year aquatic biology and film and media studies major, said the events can include the entire study body in a comedic outlet.

“Our events are intended to be an alternative to the I.V. nightlife, but still early enough for students to attend and still go out if they choose,” Lockwood said. “The nice thing about Laughology is that it reaches out to students. We have space for students to perform and open for established comedians.”

The board decided to fund the group’s first event, totaling $750.