Several UCSB alumni recently launched a revised version of their Isla Vista-specific social networking website, Chief Executive Officer Scott Antipa, Chief Technological Officer Kyle Ibrahim and Max — who asked that his last name be omitted — developed the site to connect students to each other based on shared interests. The group previously developed a similar online network called last year.

According to Antipa, the website connects individuals in the community based on their similarities rather than the company they keep.

“Things like Facebook and Twitter put you in touch with people you already know, but what about the billions of people you don’t know?” Antipa, said. “The idea is you can connect with people like your neighbors, or if you’re out at the library or a coffee shop, you can connect with the people around you.”

The site provides a forum for people to post study groups, hiking trips, parties and other social events through a virtual stamp collection system. Users collect stamps into their personalized stamp book to organize their interests and can then create or receive event invitations only sent to people with the same stamp.

Antipa said he hopes local students and community members will popularize in the upcoming year so it can expand to larger audiences.

“If we can get a large enough usership, monetization will not be a problem,” Antipa said. “Then we can hire people, raise some money and rapidly scale out to the entire U.S.”