UCSB administrators and the UC signed a Memorandum of Understanding giving control of the UC Education Abroad Program to UCSB campus administration.

The agreement was signed by Chancellor Henry T. Yang, UC President Mark Yudof and UCEAP Executive Director Jean-Xavier Guinard. The UCEAP office, which is located in Goleta, had been working under the Office of the UC President in Oakland.

The decision was based largely on UCSB’s commitment to international education, according to acting campus director of EAP Juan Campo. Campo said each UC was invited to submit a proposal for why they deserve to host the office and UCSB was chosen as the best candidate.

“UCSB is considered to be a leader in EAP based on our recruiting, fundraising and advising,” Campo said. “We have always had the reputation of being the ‘international campus.’”

Guinard, who took office in Fall 2010, decided the organization would be best run from an individual campus that was more accessible to the program’s participants.

Guinard will now report to both Yudof and the UCSB administration while UCSB faculty members will work as the program’s academic advisors. Campo said office also plans to offer internships to UCSB students.

Due to a lack of state funding, study abroad program costs may no longer be comparable to UCSB tuition, though there have been no official pricing changes.