Thes One and Double K were rushed backstage to their dressing room in Embarcadero Hall, where Fabian was able to ask them a few questions after the set.

Nexus: Since your hometown is in Los Angeles, have you guys made your way up to UCSB before?


Thes: Yeah man, we used to come up here and party when we were young, you know? It’s changed a lot though, seems a little more chilled out. Way more cops are rolling around here than before.


Nexus: What do you think the reason for that is?


Double K: Cops are just wising up, man. They know it’s a party school, and partying is changing. You college kids are going a little crazy, can’t handle your shit, getting too faded and what not. I mean, just look at the show. People trying to come on stage is cool if we bring ‘em up, but don’t be taking shit too far. That’s all.


Nexus: So, I’m sure you both could see and smell the weed out there. How do the two of you feel about marijuana and marijuana use in the community in general?


Thes: Honestly, it’s necessary. Anyone who has been smoking for a long time knows that; it’s just something that becomes a part of your life and I don’t have a problem with it. Smokers just toke and chill, maybe eat, but they’re not fucking shit up like a drunk dude would be if he was out there. I definitely don’t smoke as much as I used to. I have a family and all now. But I know where the kids are coming from these days. I used to be right there with them.


Double K: Yeah. Look man, weed is something you have to have control over in your life. If you’re screwing up, not getting done what you need done, then that’s a problem. But if you’re chillin’ and got your priorities straight, taking care of business, then do you and smoke. Just regulate your shit.


Nexus: Are People Under the Stairs coming out with a new album any time soon?


Thes: Yeah. We can’t really talk too much about it in detail right now, but we got something coming up. You can expect the 8th studio album to be out in 2011 for sure.


Nexus: Do you, as a team, try to compare your music to other hip-hop artists or try to outdo them in any way?


Double K: Nah, fuck that. We do us, man. P.U.T.S. isn’t about other artists or their style or anything like that. We stay involved in our own work, our own projects. And we just always on the hunt for that new sound that’s dope to spit over. That’s all we’re looking for.


Thes: Yeah, K’s saying it right, man. We know what we like, we have our musical style down and we’re just going to keep on doing that. I’m not concerned with competing with what other artists are putting out, ‘cause that’s not smart. If you start getting caught up with that, you end up like one of these dudes on the radio. You’ll lose sight of what makes you unique as a musician and just try appealing to what others want, or what you think they want. And that’s fucked up. We’re not down with that.


Nexus: Do you guys have any words of advice for college students trying to make it in the music business?


Thes: Just keep making good music, man. That’s all I can really say. Keep pushing your work, get it out there.