Associated Students’ current and incoming executive officers will host an open forum today at 5 p.m. in the MultiCultural Center Lounge as a medium for students to inquire about the executive board’s upcoming transition.

All outgoing and incoming executives will be present to answer constituents’ questions about the board’s May 18 turnover and plans for the remainder of the academic year. The incoming executives will also present and prioritize the issues they seek to address.

Incoming External Vice President of Local Affairs Tim Benson said the event aims to address students’ concerns regarding issues like Open People’s Party’s near sweep of the recent Spring Elections. Four of the five incoming executive board members ran with OPP; the fifth — Student Advocate General-elect Beau Shaw — was not affiliated with any party, as mandated by his position.

“After the election, a lot of people felt disenfranchised and like they weren’t going to be represented next year,” Benson said. “You’ve been told for months to vote for us — now students can tell us what to do.”

Current External Vice President of Local Affairs Cori Lantz said the discussion will provide clarity on both students’ expectations and the association’s plans.

“The whole purpose is to bring together all the [executive] officers and talk to the average student to hear their concerns and make sure we are addressing things they want to see happen in the future,” Lantz said. “The biggest thing is that they will have the opportunity to tell us what they want to see coming from their student government.”