The La Cumbre Yearbook is asking for students to pay $2.91 more per quarter in voter-approved lock-in fees, in hopes of keeping UCSB’s yearbook in publication.

The increase would supplement the $0.84 already charged per undergraduate each quarter and would raise La Cumbre’s total quarterly fee to $3.75 for Fall 2011. Of the proposed $2.91 increase, $2.18 would go to La Cumbre, $0.58 would be used for return to aid, $0.02 would cover the A.S. recharge fee and $0.13 would be applied toward non-capital spending.

Storke Student Publications Manager Linda Meyer said the fee increase would fund student employee salaries as well as provide the resources needed to continue publishing the yearbook.

“The purpose is to cover our operating costs, which include student salaries, training on computers and software, printing of the book,” Meyer said. “Not enough students are buying the book; therefore, we don’t have enough money to pay the student salaries to create the book. Increasing the student fees will allow us to continue the tradition of chronicling each year from the student’s perspective.”

La Cumbre Editor in Chief William Chen, a third-year anthropology major, said the publication might not last if it doesn’t acquire a lock-in increase.

“La Cumbre has been here for over 90 years, and it is the only book that chronicles the year,” said Chen. “We try to cover everything from student life to concerts to sports, and of course the seniors. Hopefully the students will want to vote to keep the legacy going, because it’s their stories and their memories that are going to be in this book.”

According to Hans Huschitt, a fourth-year sociology major, the yearbook should be salvaged so students can look back years from now and remember their time at UCSB.

“Vote yes because the memories you make at UCSB are definitely some of the best you will ever have in your life and the yearbook will always remind you of the craziness that was SB,” Huschitt said.

Students can vote from April 18 to April 21 online via GOLD.