Instead of discussing A.S elections for the whole column, I would first like to state I will proudly be supporting the only practical and serious slate — O.P.P. (Open People’s Party) — in addition to Beau Shaw. With that said, on to the budget battle.

Predictably, Democrat demagoguery has reached new lows this week. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, as they’ve demonstrated time and time again that they aren’t capable of having a real policy discussion. Unfortunately, I hate to say even more frustrating than the Democrats are John Boehner and the rest of his ilk in the Republican leadership. New information has come to light about the most recent CR (Continuing Resolution), in which the leadership concealed the real amount of cuts.

Even though this is a minor issue in terms of the money being spent, it speaks volumes about some Republicans who ask for your vote time and time again, yet mislead the American people and fail to proudly promote conservatism and its values. If Paul Ryan’s budget passes, our society will be more vibrant, self-reliant, prosperous, tolerant and, to use the left’s word, “sustainable.” It’s crucial to support this budget and the conservatives in Congress who are fighting to preserve our nation.

Why can’t Democrats sit down like “mature adults,” to quote the President, and have a discussion about entitlement reform, the tax code, deficit spending or a whole host of other issues? Why do Democrats insist on threatening to cut Meals on Wheels or similar programs when Congress could take 25 to 30 percent off of each federal agency by eliminating paper pushers in bureaucracy? Leftists intentionally do this to create an electorate at each other’s throats by dividing us by race, genitalia, sexual orientation, income and age.

Their ideology is based on class struggle, but most Americans who participate in the civil society appreciate equality and inequality as engines of liberty and can’t be manipulated, so it’s the demagogues’ job to keep us as divided as possible. They need us to be jealous and petulant of each other, so we’ll surrender more and more liberty and private property to be redistributed as they see fit. Moreover, these champions of the state care solely about advancing their ideology and pushing this nation further down tyranny’s road by addicting individuals to the opiate of entitlements. Radical, left-wing politicians don’t think you’re capable of making choices for yourself and attempt to convince you that you need the government to provide everything in order for you to keep on living. This perverse ideology empowers those in government and punishes you, the individual.

The solution to this demagoguery is simple: Reject them and believe in yourself by supporting this budget.

Even though Democrats are a big problem, they’re not the only problem. John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy have been less than frank with the American people. They claimed their budget cut $38.5 billion for the next CR spending bill, meanwhile failing to mention $10 billion came from former cuts to previous two CR’s (remember, there’s a difference between budgets and appropriation). This isn’t steadfast statesmanship — it’s succumbing to defeat. Democrats took Republicans because John Boehner is worried about 2012 and failed to stand up for the conservative principals that swept him and others into office.

This is a historic scam. Some Grand Old Party operatives have even been so bold to claim the Republicans got an aggregate of $78 billion in cuts, if you used Obama’s proposed budget, which wasn’t even considered because it was so bloated with spending. Using this logic, we’re deducting spending from a budget that never existed. This is why we need to elect more conservatives who aren’t afraid to fight for conservative principals.

This budget battle is over more than just spending — it’s a battle over liberty. Dismiss the Democrats, as they lie about the budget time and time again and parade up an endless group of victims in order claim that societal disaster will result should it pass. John Boehner and the rest of the Republican leadership need to show that they’re ready to fight for the principals they were elected on, using every strategic tool they have in the rules committee and amendment processes regarding the debt ceiling and the budget. They must aggressively negotiate, be tactical and make sure not to tell the opposition how they intend to vote before it’s time to walk into the conference cloakroom.

Daily Nexus conservative columnist Ben Parish is not necessarily saying Republicans are honest — just more honest than Democrats.