The Associated Students Finance Board allocated almost $50,000 to 27 student organizations at last night’s six-hour meeting.

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With the Spring Quarter unallocated budget running dry, the A.S. Financial Board allots money to only the most student-centered programs.

The board fully funded Zeta Phi Beta sorority, I.V. Kiteboarding Club, Mental Health Interns, Black Pioneers Renaissance Organization, Leaders for Peace, Healthy Eating and Living, Raagmala, National Society of Black Engineers and Human Rights Group, allocating $49,546 of the total roughly $90,000 requested by more than 30 organizations. Over $13,000 remains in the unallocated Spring Quarter budget.

UCSB Women’s Lacrosse requested funding for a concert benefiting a team coach who was in a serious accident resulting in expensive medical bills. The concert, which is $7 for students, will be held in the Hub on April 23 and will feature three local bands who will perform free of charge.

Finance Board member Ahmed Naguib said he didn’t agree with funding the team in full because of the board’s depleted Spring budget.

“Having the team go to a different source of funding would be smart if we want to be fiscally responsible and have additional funding for the other groups requesting funding tonight and throughout the rest of the quarter,” Naguib said.

The board eventually decided to allocate $1,884 to UCSB Women’s Lacrosse.

Zeta Phi Beta sorority received full funding of $655 to provide Easter baskets to 50 children at the local Santa Barbara Transition House, though Finance Board member Tyler Smith said the board shouldn’t fund requests that don’t directly benefit students.

“The giving out of Easter baskets isn’t an outreach event at all,” Smith said. “It’s an event in honor of a holiday. An Easter basket doesn’t entice a student to go to this university or pursue higher education in general.”

Considering the current budget, Naguib said events that benefit the UCSB community should be funded over exclusive group events.

“I’d rather us not fund events if they don’t directly benefit our students,” Naguib said. “I want the money we do give to go to events that the whole school can enjoy.”

I.V. Kiteboarding Club also received full funding of $280 for a free film screening and prize raffle on April 30 at Embarcadero Hall. Proceeds from the raffle will benefit the club and the family of a local man who was paralyzed in a kiteboarding accident.

Council members requested $25,000 for a Japan Relief Fund, but received only $5,000 on the condition that the amount would be matched by donations from outside sources.

The board also discussed various referendums on the upcoming Spring Elections ballot. Finance Board member Yeni Nguyen said she encouraged students to approve all reaffirmations.

“If there are students who don’t really care to read the referendums during these elections, people should encourage them to vote yes on all of them,” Nguyen said. “Students don’t usually realize that the money that they accept to pay in their reaffirmations goes back to them.”

The board partially funded Laughology, Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, UCSB Women’s Lacrosse, Iaorana Te Otea, Women’s Center, Sex & Relationships, Law and Society Journal, I.V. Surfrider, MultiCultural Drama Company, Sigma Lambda Gamma sorority, UCSB Geography Club, Focus Media Journal, Rhythms of Brazil, Reel Loud, Legislative Council, Human Rights Board, Juggling Club at UCSB and Pilipino Graduation.