Folk rock groups Blvd Park and Musical Charis will perform in Goleta next week for their national tour.
The bands will play for free Monday at 8 p.m. at the Mercury Lounge as part of the “New American Dream Tour.” The groups will also discuss their music with KCSB’s Ted Coe on his Monday show, “Freak Power Ticket,” from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Blvd Park banjo player Banton Foster said the group blends several styles into an eclectic Americana.
“There are certainly influences from quite a few American genres,” Foster said in an interview via e-mail. “That includes everything from jazz to blues, to country to folk, to rock and punk-rock.”
Jessica Brune, singer, keyboardist, guitarist and booking agent for Musical Charis, said her band follows a revivalist indie-folk style.
“Musical Charis always gives a fun, high-energy performance with lyrics that are not just your typical fluffy rhyme schemes about California girls and Laffy Taffy,” Brune said in an e-mail interview. “But maybe a little eye candy.”
According to Brune, the musicians are visiting pubs, record stores and cafes on their tour through the nation.
“The goal was to write music in a loose and creative environment and to play with as many musicians as possible,” Brune said. “[Musical Charis] started as a two-piece and now we play with a solid seven, including additional musicians back home on trumpet, saxophone, accordion and various percussion [instruments].”
Blvd Park’s lead singer/songwriter, guitarist and co-manager Brian Ballentine said he joined the group because it is an entirely instrumental ensemble.
Blvd Park features a mix of electronic guitars, synthesizers and xylophones as well as traditional bluegrass instruments including upright bass and mandolin.
Foster said the band’s unique musical style and stage performance will engage the audience.
“We actually have a good time on stage,” Foster said. “You see a lot of bands that are just going through the motions, doing covers they think people want to hear. We do originals. If there is a mistake, we just plow through it, maybe laugh a little bit and then keep going. There is no fear.”
Although Monday is their first performance in Santa Barbara, Foster said their musical variation will attract a diverse crowd.
“It is part of the human experience to enjoy being entertained together,” Foster said. “I do not personally know what people in Santa Barbara are into, but you should definitely come and see the show!”