Three UCSB students plan to launch a new social networking site next quarter specifically for the Isla Vista community.

The new website,, will allow members to send messages to an anonymous audience with similar interests, such as sending party invita- tions to specific demographics. Co-founders Scott Antipa, a fourth-year math major, and Kyle Ibrahim, a third-year computational biology major, say they will use aspects of similar websites including Twitter and Craigslist.

Antipa said site coordina- tors will moderate and filter messages between members based on similar listed inter- ests.

“Sometimes, you know exactly what kind of people you want your message to be heard by, even if you do not know precisely who they are,” Antipa said. “Soapbox allows you to find that mystery audience of interested users.”

Soapbox founders say they plan to cater to students using current networking websites.

“It seemed to us that in one way or another, all of the current social networking sites failed their users at some point,” Antipa said. “What we are trying to do is fill in those gaps where the other sites went wrong.”

Ibrahim said the budding organization will promote the launch of the site with a party on the 6500 block of Del Playa Drive and several events at I.V. parks.

“With websites like this, so much about the nature of the site is defined by what the users want it to be for them,” Ibrahim said. “That is why establishing a solid relationship with our users is vital in helping us make the site as effective as possible.”