The Isla Vista Foot Patrol responded to arson, a potential explosive device, burglaries and several alcohol-related incidents this weekend.

Deputies found a couch fire on the 6600 block of Del Playa Drive at 11 p.m. on Friday. According to IVFP Lieutenant Ray Vuillemainroy, officers dispersed the crowd so firefighters could extinguish the flames.

“A large crowd was gathered around the flaming couch,” Vuillemainroy said. “The fire department arrived and put it out.”

The second arson occurred on the 6500 block of Sabado Tarde Road at 11:45 p.m. Friday night. Vuillemainroy said deputies witnessed two individuals peeing the flames out.

“There was a rolling chair that was burning in the street,” Vuillemainroy said. “When deputies pulled up they discovered two males urinating on the burning chair, so they were cited for the offenses.”

Deputies also responded to a report of possible explosives underneath a vehicle on the 900 block of Embarcadero Del Mar Saturday morning. Vuillemainroy said specialists determined the object was not dangerous.

“They called out a suspicious package under a car,” Vuillemainroy said. “We had one of our bomb technicians check it out and it turned out to be an empty Styrofoam box. [The owners had] called and said they felt it was strange because the car had only been parked there for a couple hours.”

IVFP also received several reports of burglaries throughout the weekend.

The first occurred on the 6500 block of Trigo Road between Friday night and Saturday morning. Vuillemainroy said the suspect entered the residency through an unlocked door and took their laptop.

Deputies received a report of the second robbery on the 6500 block of Segovia Road at 1 a.m. Sunday. Vuillemainroy said the suspects entered the residency while the victim showered.

“The victim was in the shower when two unknown suspects entered his residency through an unlocked front door and stole his laptop, ipod, wallet and phone,” Vuillemainroy said.

Officers also handled several alcohol-related crimes over the weekend, citing two people for public urination and one for noise violations. IVFP arrested four people for public intoxication.