Last week’s union riots were a complete and utter disgrace, and those planned for this week will be embarrassing too. Times are tough for everyone, not just teachers and union members. Private sector employees are coping with skyrocketing food and energy prices while trying to make their home and car payments or put their children through school. Do taxpayers want to hear that they need to be paying more for healthcare and pension plans because the beneficiaries of the pensions don’t want to contribute themselves? The governor of Wisconsin said the state needs to control pension and healthcare costs; these demonstrations must mean the union leaders aren’t interested in helping achieve that goal. Instead of shouldering accountability to fund their own plans (like everyone else) and help fix the broken budgets in our nation, they’re kicking the can down the road to punish future generations.

[media-credit name=”Justin Ma” align=”alignleft” width=”250″][/media-credit]The people of Wisconsin have had enough whining from union leaders. Why would private sector workers who make less money as a group and are facing layoffs themselves be sympathetic to these selfish, greedy demands? They won’t be and the consequences for unions and Democrats will be felt come 2012.

The unions are picking a terrible time to fight with private sector employees over their benefits packages. The citizens who pay the bills tell the union bosses the state can’t handle the financial burden of healthcare and pension to the extent they currently are, and the unions need to contribute their own money to their pension and your healthcare plans. Why is this reasonable request and reasonable expectation met with marching and demonstrations as if it’s unreasonable? This selfish behavior is starting to anger the American people. Since the majority of people in the country are not union members and contribute to their own pensions, IRA’s, 401(k)’s and healthcare, the unions better think twice before demanding more and more money from citizens, especially right before an election cycle. By comparing Wisconsin’s governor to Mubarak and Nazis, they’re energizing and awakening more Tea Party activists and rallying the conservative base. Please keep it up.

In addition to the union rallies in Wisconsin, the Democrats in the Wisconsin state government are demonstrating they’re against democracy. Instead of carrying out the agenda the people of the state voted for in the last election, they’re playing parliamentary games by preventing a quorum and a vote because they would lose. Liberals only like democracy when they’re in control, and when the people reject their agenda they ignore the people. They didn’t like the results of the last election, and the Obama administration didn’t like the ruling on health care, so they’re doing whatever they have to do to defy, obstruct, oppose and undermine it. These disgraceful senators in Wisconsin are assaulting the taxpayers by essentially telling them they don’t pay enough in taxes and they won’t cooperate until they cough up more cash. How uncivil of them.

People all over the nation are cutting back. Perhaps they’re not going out to eat as often, not taking a vacation or working an extra job to make ends meet, but Democrats and union members in Wisconsin don’t think the people are doing enough. These people are at war with tax payers, they want more of what private citizens have and they’re not used to hearing the word ‘no.’ Now that the public microscope is on them, this habit of demanding more and more from private citizens has been exposed, it’s going to backfire and serve as a catalyst energizing the conservative base for the next election.