Local government councils will consider a scope of issues today during their weekly meetings.

Santa Barbara City Council

The council will consider the allocation of $68,748 from its Project Contingency Account for a preliminary renovation project at Santa Barbara Public Library. The redesign, which could ultimately cost up to $218,478, includes the removal of walls to level the area and a design consistent with the Jardín de las Granadas across the street. Seeking to improve public safety, increase the space’s use, generate revenue and incorporate local art, the entire renovation may amount to $2 million.

The council will also discuss sending an Emergency Purchase Order to Lash Construction, amounting to $45,234, for roadway repair on Surf View Drive. During September 2010, a city water main broke, damaging about 10,000 square feet of roadway and disrupting water service to approximately a dozen homes.

Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors

The board will consider the allocation of $260,580 for the Gaviota Coast Plan and $69,559 for the Santa Claus Lane project from the 2011 Coastal Resource Enhancement Fund. The Gaviota Coast Plan would support agricultural stewardship and protect coastal resources while the Santa Claus Lane project would improve public beach access and provide adequate coastal access parking.

Goleta City Council

The council will conduct a public hearing on housing and community development needs in concurrence with the Community Development Block Grant Program under the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development. The discussion will provide funding priority recommendations for the 2011-12 program year, with an expected $293,000 available from HUD, $190,400 of which will be allocated to public services.